Rule Chapter: 69A-21
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 69A-21.102 Dealer License 11/21/2001
Rule file 69A-21.103 Permit 11/21/2001
Rule file 69A-21.104 Prescribed Certification Training Course for Portable Fire Extinguisher Licenses and Permits 11/21/2001
Rule file 69A-21.106 Transferring a License 11/21/2001
Rule file 69A-21.107 Transferring a Permit 11/21/2001
Rule file 69A-21.112 Insurance Requirements 12/14/2015
Rule file 69A-21.113 Required Continuing Education 8/11/2011
Rule file 69A-21.114 Insurance Requirements (Repealed) 10/8/2014
Rule file 69A-21.115 Appropriate Training for Servicing Fire Extinguishers and Preengineered Systems Defined; Limitations; Restrictions 3/7/2004
Rule file 69A-21.201 Scope 10/20/1993
Rule file 69A-21.203 Standards of National Fire Protection Association Adopted 11/21/2001
Rule file 69A-21.237 Inspection, Maintenance and Hydrostatic Tests; Recharge, Repair, Replacement 10/20/1993
Rule file 69A-21.238 Inspection, Maintenance and Hydrostatic Tests; Replacement While Recharging 11/21/2001
Rule file 69A-21.240 Standard Service Tags, Requirements 11/21/2001
Rule file 69A-21.241 Standard Service Tags, Specifications 11/21/2001
Rule file 69A-21.242 Hydrostatic Tests 11/21/2001
Rule file 69A-21.245 Hydrostatic Tests; Record Tag 11/21/2001
Rule file 69A-21.249 Leak Tests; Tamper Indicators or Seals to Be Replaced 11/21/2001
Rule file 69A-21.251 Invoices 11/21/2001
Rule file 69A-21.301 Scope 10/20/1993
Rule file 69A-21.302 Standards of National Fire Protection Association to Be Complied With 11/21/2001
Rule file 69A-21.303 Standard Service Tag 11/21/2001
Rule file 69A-21.304 Installation; Service 11/21/2001
Rule file 69A-21.401 Purpose 10/20/1993
Rule file 69A-21.402 Criteria for Recognition by the State Fire Marshal as a "Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory" for Portable Fire Extinguishers or Pre-engineered Systems 10/20/1993
Rule file 69A-21.403 Application Procedure 10/20/1993