Rule Chapter: 59A-3
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 59A-3.065 Definitions 10/16/2014
Rule file 59A-3.066 Licensure Procedure 1/18/2023
Rule file 59A-3.077 Fire Protection 5/12/2016
Rule file 59A-3.078 Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan 10/16/2014
Rule file 59A-3.079 Physical Plant Codes and Standards Hospitals 5/12/2016
Rule file 59A-3.080 Plans Submission and Fee Requirements 5/12/2016
Rule file 59A-3.081 Physical Plant Requirements for Mobile Surgical Facilities (Repealed) 7/1/2018
Rule file 59A-3.110 Intensive Residential Treatment Facility Services (Transferred) 10/16/2014
Rule file 59A-3.2085 Department and Services (Repealed) 11/21/2018
Rule file 59A-3.240 Nutritional Services 8/15/2018
Rule file 59A-3.241 Pharmacy Services 8/15/2018
Rule file 59A-3.242 Laboratory, Radiology, and Respiratory Services 10/10/2019
Rule file 59A-3.243 Nursing Services 8/15/2018
Rule file 59A-3.244 Ambulatory, Obstetrical, and Special Care Units 8/15/2018
Rule file 59A-3.245 Surgical and Anesthesia Departments 8/15/2018
Rule file 59A-3.246 Licensed Programs 8/15/2018
Rule file 59A-3.247 Housekeeping Services 8/15/2018
Rule file 59A-3.249 Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) 5/19/2022
Rule file 59A-3.250 Surveillance, Prevention, and Control of Infection 10/16/2014
Rule file 59A-3.251 Hospital Reporting of Exposure to Selected Infectious Diseases 4/17/1997
Rule file 59A-3.252 Classification of Hospitals 10/16/2014
Rule file 59A-3.253 Investigations and License, Life Safety and Validation Inspections 3/19/2017
Rule file 59A-3.254 Patient Rights and Care 10/16/2014
Rule file 59A-3.255 Emergency Care 10/16/2014
Rule file 59A-3.256 Price Transparency and Patient Billing 2/19/2018
Rule file 59A-3.270 Health Information Management 5/17/2021
Rule file 59A-3.271 Quality Improvement 9/4/1995
Rule file 59A-3.272 Governing Board 11/21/2018
Rule file 59A-3.273 Management and Administration 10/16/2014
Rule file 59A-3.274 Anatomical Gifts, Routine Inquiry 10/16/2014
Rule file 59A-3.275 Organized Medical Staff 9/4/1995
Rule file 59A-3.276 Maintenance 9/4/1995
Rule file 59A-3.277 Functional Safety 9/4/1995
Rule file 59A-3.278 Rehabilitation, Psychiatric and Substance Abuse Programs 9/4/1995
Rule file 59A-3.279 Itemized Patient Bill (Repealed) 7/15/2014
Rule file 59A-3.280 Child Abuse and Neglect 10/16/2014
Rule file 59A-3.281 Spontaneous Fetal Demise 10/16/2014
Rule file 59A-3.300 Licensure Procedure for Intensive Residential Treatment Facilities 10/16/2014
Rule file 59A-3.301 Goals, Policies and Procedures (Repealed) 3/16/2016
Rule file 59A-3.302 Personnel for Intensive Residential Treatment Facilities 10/16/2014
Rule file 59A-3.303 Facilities and Physical Plant Safety 5/12/2016
Rule file 59A-3.310 Intensive Residential Treatment Facility Services 10/16/2014
Rule file 59A-3.312 Exceptions (Repealed) 5/14/2012