Rule Chapter: 69B-211
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 69B-211.001 Purpose (Repealed) 11/15/2022
Rule file 69B-211.002 General Procedures 10/17/2022
Rule file 69B-211.0025 Additional Rule Specific to Navigators 11/26/2014
Rule file 69B-211.003 License to Sell Life Insurance to Fund Prearranged Funeral Services or Merchandise (Repealed) 3/16/2015
Rule file 69B-211.0035 Licensure Application Procedure 11/26/2014
Rule file 69B-211.004 Appointment Renewal Procedure 7/30/2012
Rule file 69B-211.005 Fees (Repealed) 3/16/2015
Rule file 69B-211.007 Effective Date of Termination of Appointment 1/22/2001
Rule file 69B-211.010 Purpose (Repealed) 11/26/2014
Rule file 69B-211.011 Photo Identification Required (Repealed) 12/7/2010
Rule file 69B-211.012 Exemptions to Photo Identification Requirement (Repealed) 12/7/2010
Rule file 69B-211.020 Purpose (Repealed) 3/16/2015
Rule file 69B-211.021 Definitions (Repealed) 3/16/2015
Rule file 69B-211.022 Character and Credit Reports Required 6/4/1992
Rule file 69B-211.040 Purpose and Scope (Repealed) 11/15/2022
Rule file 69B-211.041 Definitions 7/31/2023
Rule file 69B-211.042 Effect of Law Enforcement Records on Applications for Licensure 7/31/2023
Rule file 69B-211.110 Purpose (Transferred) 4/11/1994
Rule file 69B-211.120 Scope (Transferred) 4/11/1994
Rule file 69B-211.130 Definitions (Transferred) 4/11/1994
Rule file 69B-211.140 Entities (Transferred) 4/11/1994
Rule file 69B-211.150 School Officials (Transferred) 4/11/1994
Rule file 69B-211.160 Instructors (Transferred) 4/11/1994
Rule file 69B-211.170 Courses (Transferred) 4/11/1994
Rule file 69B-211.180 Schedule and Attendance Records (Transferred) 4/11/1994
Rule file 69B-211.190 Certification of Students (Transferred) 4/11/1994
Rule file 69B-211.200 Attendance (Transferred) 4/11/1994
Rule file 69B-211.210 Exempted Courses (Transferred) 4/11/1994
Rule file 69B-211.220 Examinations (Transferred) 4/11/1994
Rule file 69B-211.230 Fees (Transferred) 4/11/1994
Rule file 69B-211.240 Facilities (Transferred) 4/11/1994
Rule file 69B-211.250 Advertising (Transferred) 4/11/1994
Rule file 69B-211.260 Study Aids (Transferred) 4/11/1994
Rule file 69B-211.270 Prohibited Practices (Transferred) 4/11/1994
Rule file 69B-211.280 Falsification of Reports (Transferred) 4/11/1994
Rule file 69B-211.290 Forms (Transferred) 4/11/1994
Rule file 69B-211.300 Transition Time in the Event of Rule Changes (Transferred) 4/11/1994
Rule file 69B-211.310 Penalties (Transferred) 4/11/1994
Rule file 69B-211.320 Curriculum Standards for Special Designation (Transferred) 4/27/2010