Rule Chapter: 65C-13
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 65C-13.001 Definitions (Repealed) 4/6/2008
Rule file 65C-13.002 Private Agency Foster Homes (Repealed) 4/6/2008
Rule file 65C-13.003 Pre-Service and In-Service Training (Repealed) 4/6/2008
Rule file 65C-13.004 Initial Licensing Procedures for Foster Homes, Emergency Shelters and Group Homes (Repealed) 4/6/2008
Rule file 65C-13.005 Changes During the Licensed Year (Repealed) 4/6/2008
Rule file 65C-13.006 Relicensing Procedures (Repealed) 4/6/2006
Rule file 65C-13.007 Respite Care (Repealed) 4/6/2008
Rule file 65C-13.008 Prospective Foster Parent Inquiries (Repealed) 4/6/2008
Rule file 65C-13.009 Parent Preparation and Mutual Selection (Repealed) 4/6/2008
Rule file 65C-13.010 Substitute Care Parents' Role as a Team Member (Repealed) 4/6/2008
Rule file 65C-13.011 Minimum Standards for Licensure of Family Foster Homes, Family Emergency Shelter Homes and Family Group Homes (Repealed) 4/6/2008
Rule file 65C-13.012 Substitute Family Records (Repealed) 4/6/2008
Rule file 65C-13.013 Definitions and Glossary (Repealed) 4/6/2008
Rule file 65C-13.014 Entry into Foster Care (Repealed) 4/6/2008
Rule file 65C-13.015 The Prevention and Management of Sexual Assault in Foster Care (Repealed) 4/6/2008
Rule file 65C-13.016 Health Care (Repealed) 4/6/2008
Rule file 65C-13.017 Services for HIV Infected Children (Repealed) 4/6/2008
Rule file 65C-13.018 Services to Parents of Children in Foster Care (Repealed) 4/6/2008
Rule file 65C-13.019 Administrative Review (Repealed) 4/6/2008
Rule file 65C-13.020 Permanency Staffings (Repealed) 4/6/2008
Rule file 65C-13.021 Post-Placement and Protective Supervision (Repealed) 4/6/2008
Rule file 65C-13.022 Definitions (Repealed) 4/30/2020
Rule file 65C-13.023 Background Screening Requirements (Repealed) 4/30/2020
Rule file 65C-13.024 Parent Preparation Pre-service Training (Repealed) 4/30/2020
Rule file 65C-13.025 Initial Licensing and Unified Home Study (Repealed) 4/30/2020
Rule file 65C-13.026 Continuing Education (Repealed) 4/30/2020
Rule file 65C-13.027 Changes During the Licensed Year (Repealed) 4/30/2020
Rule file 65C-13.028 Re-Licensing (Repealed) 4/30/2020
Rule file 65C-13.029 Licensed Out-of-Home Team Member Roles (Repealed) 3/6/2018
Rule file 65C-13.030 Standards for Licensed Out-of-Home Caregivers (Repealed) 4/30/2020
Rule file 65C-13.031 Terms of a License (Repealed) 4/30/2020
Rule file 65C-13.032 Over-Capacity Assessments and Exceptions (Repealed) 4/30/2020
Rule file 65C-13.033 Babysitting, Overnight Care, Extended Overnight Care, and Other Supervision Arrangements (Repealed) 4/30/2020
Rule file 65C-13.034 Foster Care Referrals and Investigations (Repealed) 4/30/2020
Rule file 65C-13.035 Administrative Actions, Appeals and Closures (Repealed) 4/30/2020