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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 64J-1.001 Definitions 5/27/2010
Rule file 64J-1.002 Basic Life Support Service License - Ground 9/2/2009
Rule file 64J-1.003 Advanced Life Support Service License - Ground 9/2/2009
Rule file 64J-1.004 Medical Direction 5/27/2010
Rule file 64J-1.005 Air Ambulances 9/2/2009
Rule file 64J-1.006 Neonatal Transports 2/16/2010
Rule file 64J-1.007 Vehicle Permits 9/2/2009
Rule file 64J-1.008 Emergency Medical Technician 5/27/2010
Rule file 64J-1.009 Paramedic 5/27/2010
Rule file 64J-1.010 Voluntary Inactive Certification 11/22/2009
Rule file 64J-1.011 Involuntary Inactive Certification 11/22/2009
Rule file 64J-1.012 Examinations 11/22/2009
Rule file 64J-1.013 Drivers 10/1/2008
Rule file 64J-1.014 Records and Reports 7/5/2016
Rule file 64J-1.015 Emergency Medical Services Grants Procedures 10/1/2008
Rule file 64J-1.017 Convicted Felons Applying for EMT or Paramedic Certification or Recertification 10/1/2008
Rule file 64J-1.018 Inspections 10/1/2008
Rule file 64J-1.019 Emergency Treatment of Insect Stings 10/1/2008
Rule file 64J-1.020 Training Programs 8/12/2010
Rule file 64J-1.0201 EMS Instructor Qualifications 12/31/2009
Rule file 64J-1.0202 EMS Recertification Training Programs 5/27/2010
Rule file 64J-1.021 Security of Medications 10/1/2008
Rule file 64J-1.022 Cardiopulmonary and Advanced Cardiac Life Support Courses 10/1/2008
Rule file 64J-1.023 Guidelines for Automated External Defibrillators (AED) in State Owned or Leased Facilities 10/1/2008