Rule Chapter: 29I-4
Chapter Title: DEVELOPMENTS OF REGIONAL IMPACT (DRI's) Add to MyFLRules Favorites
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 29I-4.001 DRI Review Process 5/14/2009
Rule file 29I-4.003 Procedures for Filing an ADA 2/19/1992
Rule file 29I-4.004 DRI-ADA Form 5/14/2009
Rule file 29I-4.005 DRI-ADA Submission 2/19/1992
Rule file 29I-4.006 Request for DRI Review 5/14/2009
Rule file 29I-4.007 DRI Review Fee 5/14/2009
Rule file 29I-4.0081 Master Development Approval Alternative Review Procedure 7/27/1986
Rule file 29I-4.009 Conceptual Agency Review 7/27/1986
Rule file 29I-4.010 Downtown Development Authorities 7/27/1986
Rule file 29I-4.011 Areawide Development of Regional Impact 5/14/2009
Rule file 29I-4.012 Florida's Quality Developments Program 5/14/2009
Rule file 29I-4.013 Review of Amendments to Development Orders 5/14/2009