Rule Chapter: 65E-5
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 65E-5.100 Definitions 4/9/2013
Rule file 65E-5.110 Delegation of Authority 4/4/2005
Rule file 65E-5.115 Mental Health Personnel (Repealed) 4/2/2012
Rule file 65E-5.120 Forms 4/4/2005
Rule file 65E-5.130 Continuity of Care Management System 4/4/2005
Rule file 65E-5.1301 Transfer Evaluations for Admission to State Mental Health Treatment Facilities from Receiving Facilities 4/4/2005
Rule file 65E-5.1302 Admissions to State Treatment Facilities 4/9/2013
Rule file 65E-5.1303 Discharge from Receiving and Treatment Facilities 4/9/2013
Rule file 65E-5.1304 Discharge Policies of Receiving and Treatment Facilities (Repealed) 4/9/2013
Rule file 65E-5.1305 Discharge from a State Treatment Facility (Repealed) 4/9/2013
Rule file 65E-5.140 Rights of Persons 4/4/2005
Rule file 65E-5.150 Person's Right to Individual Dignity 4/4/2005
Rule file 65E-5.160 Right to Treatment 4/4/2005
Rule file 65E-5.1601 General Management of the Treatment Environment 4/4/2005
Rule file 65E-5.1602 Individual Behavioral Management Programs 4/4/2005
Rule file 65E-5.170 Right to Express and Informed Consent 4/4/2005
Rule file 65E-5.1703 Emergency Treatment Orders for the Administration of Phychotropic Medications 4/9/2013
Rule file 65E-5.180 Right to Quality Treatment 5/7/2008
Rule file 65E-5.1802 Maintenance of the Facility 11/29/1998
Rule file 65E-5.190 Right to Communication and Visits 4/4/2005
Rule file 65E-5.200 Right to Care and Custody of Personal Effects 4/4/2005
Rule file 65E-5.210 Right to Vote in Public Elections 4/4/2005
Rule file 65E-5.220 Right to Habeas Corpus 4/4/2005
Rule file 65E-5.230 Guardian Advocate 4/4/2005
Rule file 65E-5.2301 Health Care Surrogate or Proxy 4/4/2005
Rule file 65E-5.250 Clinical Records; Confidentiality 4/4/2005
Rule file 65E-5.260 Transportation 7/5/2016
Rule file 65E-5.2601 Transportation Exception Plan 4/4/2005
Rule file 65E-5.270 Voluntary Admission 4/4/2005
Rule file 65E-5.280 Involuntary Examination 5/4/2020
Rule file 65E-5.2801 Minimum Standards for Involuntary Examination Pursuant to Section 394.463, F.S 4/4/2005
Rule file 65E-5.285 Involuntary Outpatient Placement 1/8/2007
Rule file 65E-5.290 Involuntary Inpatient Placement 1/8/2007
Rule file 65E-5.300 Continued Involuntary Inpatient Placement at Treatment Facilities 1/8/2007
Rule file 65E-5.310 Transfer of Persons Among Facilities 4/4/2005
Rule file 65E-5.320 Discharge of Persons on Involuntary Status 4/4/2005
Rule file 65E-5.330 Training 4/4/2005
Rule file 65E-5.350 Eligibility Criteria and Procedures for Designation of Baker Act Receiving Facilities 4/4/2005
Rule file 65E-5.351 Minimum Standards for Designated Receiving Facilities 11/29/1998
Rule file 65E-5.352 Procedures for Complaints and Investigations in Receiving Facilities 4/4/2005
Rule file 65E-5.353 Criteria and Procedures for Suspension or Withdrawal of Designation of Receiving Facilities 4/4/2005
Rule file 65E-5.400 Baker Act Funded Services Standards 1/8/2007
Rule file 65E-5.601 Operation and Administration of State Mental Health Treatment Facilities 2/1/2004
Rule file 65E-5.602 Rights of Residents of State Mental Health Treatment Facilities 2/1/2004