Rule Chapter: 65C-30
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 65C-30.001 Definitions 10/24/2021
Rule file 65C-30.002 Safety Planning and Case Transfer 9/9/2019
Rule file 65C-30.003 Diligent Search 2/25/2016
Rule file 65C-30.004 Identification of Children 2/25/2016
Rule file 65C-30.005 Ongoing Family Functioning Assessment 2/25/2016
Rule file 65C-30.006 Case Planning 3/15/2021
Rule file 65C-30.007 Case Management Responsibilities After Case Transfer 9/21/2020
Rule file 65C-30.008 Child Welfare Professional Responsibilities to Parents 12/22/2019
Rule file 65C-30.009 Least Intrusive Interventions 2/25/2016
Rule file 65C-30.010 Voluntary Protective Services (Repealed) 2/25/2016
Rule file 65C-30.011 Placement Responsibilities of the Child Welfare Professional 8/2/2021
Rule file 65C-30.012 Permanency Goal Selection 2/25/2016
Rule file 65C-30.013 Judicial Reviews and Court Reports 3/1/2023
Rule file 65C-30.014 Post-Placement Supervision and Services 2/25/2016
Rule file 65C-30.015 New Reports Received, Removal, and Placement of Children 6/17/2019
Rule file 65C-30.016 New Children in Families under Supervision 11/12/2017
Rule file 65C-30.017 Coordination of Services for Youth Involved with the Department of Juvenile Justice (Repealed) 12/13/2015
Rule file 65C-30.018 Out-of-County Services 12/24/2017
Rule file 65C-30.019 Missing Children 6/5/2023
Rule file 65C-30.020 Child Fatalities 7/25/2017
Rule file 65C-30.021 Child Death Reviews 2/25/2016
Rule file 65C-30.022 Termination of Services 2/25/2016
Rule file 65C-30.023 Multidisciplinary Team Staffing 12/25/2022
Rule file 65C-30.024 Case Record Face Sheet 3/3/2022