Rule Chapter: 5F-11
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 5F-11.001 Definitions 7/20/1995
Rule file 5F-11.002 Standards of National Fire Protection Association Adopted 4/6/2012
Rule file 5F-11.004 Bureau of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Inspection Forms 6/8/1999
Rule file 5F-11.005 Lack of Trustworthiness 6/18/1987
Rule file 5F-11.011 Effect of Revocation or Suspension Upon Reapplication for Licensure 8/5/1985
Rule file 5F-11.012 Installer Licenses 9/2/2002
Rule file 5F-11.013 Minimum Storage as Relates to Liquefied Petroleum Gas 9/5/2001
Rule file 5F-11.021 Testing and Repairing Containers 8/7/1980
Rule file 5F-11.022 Marking of Containers 3/15/1994
Rule file 5F-11.023 Manufacturer's Data Sheets Covering ASME Tanks 4/30/1996
Rule file 5F-11.025 Color Scheme for Piping Identification 8/7/1980
Rule file 5F-11.026 Unsafe Container or System 7/20/1995
Rule file 5F-11.027 Approval of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Containers 8/2/2007
Rule file 5F-11.028 Installation of Containers on Roofs of Buildings 1/29/2006
Rule file 5F-11.029 Inspection of DOT Cylinders 1/29/2006
Rule file 5F-11.033 Truck Safety; Regulations 3/15/1994
Rule file 5F-11.034 Transportation of Liquefied Petroleum Gas by Pipeline 2/5/1991
Rule file 5F-11.041 Underground Installations 4/30/1996
Rule file 5F-11.042 Underground Tanks; Regulators 6/8/1988
Rule file 5F-11.043 Out of Service Account Procedure 1/29/2006
Rule file 5F-11.044 Out-of-gas, Leak Call, and Interrupted Service Procedure 1/29/2006
Rule file 5F-11.045 Dispensing Units 1/29/2006
Rule file 5F-11.046 Introducing Gas into Containers for Transportation; Dealer to Insure Compliance 1/29/2006
Rule file 5F-11.047 Connecting or Disconnecting Cylinders, Tanks, or Systems; Notice to Owner; Transportation 2/5/1991
Rule file 5F-11.048 Cylinder Exchange Units 7/20/1995
Rule file 5F-11.049 Use of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Limited 2/15/1994
Rule file 5F-11.050 Installation of Unvented Room Heaters 8/2/2007
Rule file 5F-11.051 Construction Notification 4/30/1996
Rule file 5F-11.060 Documentation of Training, General 1/15/2002
Rule file 5F-11.061 Master Qualifier Examinations; Applicant Qualifications 1/15/2002
Rule file 5F-11.062 Approved Courses of Continuing Education 1/15/2002
Rule file 5F-11.063 Approval of Outside Vendor Training Programs 1/15/2002
Rule file 5F-11.064 Renewal of Qualifier and Master Qualifier Certificates 1/15/2002
Rule file 5F-11.065 Examination Procedures 1/15/2002
Rule file 5F-11.070 Definitions 7/8/1998
Rule file 5F-11.071 Rate of Assessments; Effective Date 1/1/2014
Rule file 5F-11.072 Payment of Assessments; Penalties 1/1/2014
Rule file 5F-11.073 Payment Agreements; Purchaser Responsibilities 7/8/1998
Rule file 5F-11.074 Audits 7/8/1998