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Rule Title: Standard Offer Contracts
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Latest version of the final adopted rule presented in Florida Administrative Code (FAC):

VIEW_RULE Effective Date: 3/12/2007
History Notes: Rulemaking Authority 350.127(2), 366.05(1) FS. Law Implemented 366.051, 366.81, 366.91, 366.92 FS. History–New 3-12-07.
References in this version: No reference(s).
History of this Rule since Jan. 6, 2006
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For temporary waiver 24467879 4/29/2021
Vol. 47/83
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Waiver of subsection 25-17.250(1) and paragraph (2)(a), F.A.C. was approved by Commission Order No. PSC-09-0643-FOF-EI. DOCKET NO.: 080501-EI – Petition for Waiver of subsection 25-17.250(1) and paragraph (2)(a), F.A.C., .... 7743721 10/16/2009
Vol. 35/41
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a rule waiver from Progress Energy Florida, Inc. DOCKET NO. 080501-EI - Petition for Waiver of Rule 25-17.250(1) and (2)(a), F.A.C., which requires Progress Energy Florida to have a standard offer contract open until a .... 5943886 8/8/2008
Vol. 34/32
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Standard Offer Contracts 3857610 Effective:
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Firm Capacity and Energy Contracts, Application and Scope, Definitions, Qualifying Criteria, The Utility's Obligation to Purchase and Sell, Negotiated Contracts, Standard Offer Contracts, Subscription .... 3489398 1/26/2007
Vol. 33/04