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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 25-17.001 General Information 5/10/1993
Rule file 25-17.0021 Goals for Electric Utilities 4/30/1993
Rule file 25-17.003 Energy Audits 2/3/2014
Rule file 25-17.006 Electric Utility System Conservation End Use Data 9/23/2013
Rule file 25-17.008 Conservation and Self-Service Wheeling Cost Effectiveness Data Reporting Format 7/17/1991
Rule file 25-17.009 Requirements for Reporting Cost Effectiveness Data for Demand Side Management Programs of Natural Gas Utilities 4/18/1996
Rule file 25-17.015 Energy Conservation Cost Recovery 2/28/2019
Rule file 25-17.080 Definitions and Qualifying Criteria 9/4/1983
Rule file 25-17.082 The Utility's Obligation to Purchase; Customer's Selection of Billing Method 10/25/1990
Rule file 25-17.0825 As-Available Energy 10/25/1990
Rule file 25-17.0832 Firm Capacity and Energy Contracts 3/12/2007
Rule file 25-17.0834 Settlement of Disputes in Contract Negotiations 10/25/1990
Rule file 25-17.0836 Modification to Existing Contracts; Explanation of When Approval Is Required 1/7/1997
Rule file 25-17.0837 Negotiations with Other Utility and Nonutility Generating Facilities 1/7/1997
Rule file 25-17.084 The Utility's Obligation to Sell 9/4/1983
Rule file 25-17.086 Periods During Which Purchases Are Not Required 9/4/1983
Rule file 25-17.087 Interconnection and Standards 1/31/2000
Rule file 25-17.0883 Conditions Requiring Transmission Service for Self-service 10/25/1990
Rule file 25-17.0889 Transmission Service for Qualifying Facilities 10/25/1990
Rule file 25-17.091 Governmental Solid Waste Energy and Capacity 10/25/1990
Rule file 25-17.200 Application and Scope 3/12/2007
Rule file 25-17.210 Definitions 3/12/2007
Rule file 25-17.220 Qualifying Criteria 3/12/2007
Rule file 25-17.230 The Utility's Obligation to Purchase and Sell 3/12/2007
Rule file 25-17.240 Negotiated Contracts 3/12/2007
Rule file 25-17.250 Standard Offer Contracts 3/12/2007
Rule file 25-17.260 Subscription Limits 3/12/2007
Rule file 25-17.270 Changes in Environmental and Governmental Regulations 3/12/2007
Rule file 25-17.280 Tradable Renewable Energy Credits (TRECs) 3/12/2007
Rule file 25-17.290 Imputed Debt Equivalent Adjustments 3/12/2007
Rule file 25-17.300 Reporting 3/12/2007
Rule file 25-17.310 Dispute Resolution 3/12/2007