Rule Chapter: 69U-105
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 69U-105.001 Definitions 4/15/1998
Rule file 69U-105.101 Scope 4/15/1998
Rule file 69U-105.102 Application 11/28/2017
Rule file 69U-105.103 Publication of Notice of Receipt or Withdrawal of Application 8/14/1994
Rule file 69U-105.104 Petition for Public Hearing 8/14/1994
Rule file 69U-105.105 Publication of Notice of Hearing 8/14/1994
Rule file 69U-105.106 Participants in Proceeding 4/15/1998
Rule file 69U-105.107 Computation of Time 8/14/1994
Rule file 69U-105.108 Extension of Time 4/15/1998
Rule file 69U-105.109 Notice, Filing, Service 4/15/1998
Rule file 69U-105.110 Post-Evidentiary Procedures 4/15/1998
Rule file 69U-105.111 Final Orders 4/15/1998
Rule file 69U-105.112 Record 4/15/1998
Rule file 69U-105.113 Coordination with Federal and Other Agencies 8/14/1994
Rule file 69U-105.114 Reconsideration 8/14/1994
Rule file 69U-105.201 Scope 4/15/1998
Rule file 69U-105.202 Application 4/15/1998
Rule file 69U-105.205 Organization Expenses 4/15/1998
Rule file 69U-105.206 Regulatory Standards for Evaluating Applications 10/29/2012
Rule file 69U-105.207 Coordination with Federal Regulatory Agencies and Department of State 4/15/1998
Rule file 69U-105.208 Relocation of Opened State Financial Institutions and Redesignation of Main Office or Branch Office 8/14/1994
Rule file 69U-105.209 Opening 4/15/1998
Rule file 69U-105.210 Standards for the Initial Offering Circular or Memorandum of State Financial Institutions 8/14/1994
Rule file 69U-105.401 Scope 4/15/1998
Rule file 69U-105.402 Application 12/28/2000
Rule file 69U-105.405 Regulatory Standards for Evaluating Applications 4/15/1998
Rule file 69U-105.406 Relocation of Established Branch Offices, Main Office or Branch Office 4/15/1998
Rule file 69U-105.407 Branch Office Closing 4/15/1998
Rule file 69U-105.408 Timeframes for Processing 8/14/1994
Rule file 69U-105.409 Mobile Banking Units, Account Service Representatives, and Courier Services 4/15/1998
Rule file 69U-105.501 Scope 4/15/1998
Rule file 69U-105.502 Procedural Rules for Processing Applications 8/14/1994
Rule file 69U-105.503 Application 4/15/1998
Rule file 69U-105.505 Regulatory Standards for Evaluating Applications 8/14/1994
Rule file 69U-105.506 Final Order 8/14/1994
Rule file 69U-105.507 Deposit of Securities with Chief Financial Officer 4/15/1998
Rule file 69U-105.601 Scope 4/15/1998
Rule file 69U-105.602 Compliance with Applicable Federal Laws 8/14/1994
Rule file 69U-105.603 Merger Applications 4/15/1998
Rule file 69U-105.605 Examination of Federal Financial Institutions 4/15/1998
Rule file 69U-105.606 Main Offices, Branch Offices, and Trust Departments of Constituent Financial Institutions 4/15/1998
Rule file 69U-105.607 Approval by OFR 4/15/1998
Rule file 69U-105.608 Successor Institution 4/15/1998
Rule file 69U-105.609 Coordination with Federal Regulatory Agencies 8/14/1994
Rule file 69U-105.610 Certificate of Merger 8/14/1994
Rule file 69U-105.611 Purchase and Assumption Applications 4/15/1998
Rule file 69U-105.701 Scope 4/15/1998
Rule file 69U-105.702 Procedural Rules for Processing Applications 4/15/1998
Rule file 69U-105.703 Application 11/28/2017
Rule file 69U-105.706 Resulting Financial Entity's Capital Structure and Management 4/15/1998
Rule file 69U-105.707 Termination of Nonconformance 4/15/1998
Rule file 69U-105.708 Cancellation of Charter Certificates 4/15/1998