Rule Chapter: 69O-170
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 69O-170.001 Purpose 1/27/1992
Rule file 69O-170.002 Scope 1/27/1992
Rule file 69O-170.003 Calculation of Investment Income 1/30/1991
Rule file 69O-170.004 Rating Plans: Discounts, Credits, Surcharges 7/30/2000
Rule file 69O-170.005 Use of Filed Rates 9/5/2007
Rule file 69O-170.006 Rate Manual Filings and Revisions 9/5/2007
Rule file 69O-170.007 Annual Rate Filings 7/30/2017
Rule file 69O-170.010 Short Rate Cancellations and Fully Earned Premiums Prohibited 11/2/1992
Rule file 69O-170.011 Drafted Water Supplies 8/4/1992
Rule file 69O-170.012 Sinkhole Insurance (Repealed) 1/28/2013
Rule file 69O-170.013 Filing Procedures for Property and Casualty Insurance Rates, Rules, Underwriting Guidelines, and Forms 9/5/2007
Rule file 69O-170.0135 ACTUARIAL MEMORANDUM 9/5/2007
Rule file 69O-170.014 Homeowners Insurance Ratemaking and Rate Filing Procedures 9/5/2007
Rule file 69O-170.0141 Dwelling Insurance Ratemaking and Rate Filing Procedures 9/5/2007
Rule file 69O-170.0142 Ratemaking and Rate Filing Procedures for Commercial Residential Insurance and All Other Lines 9/5/2007
Rule file 69O-170.0143 Ratemaking and Rate Filing Procedures for Liability Insurance for Medical Malpractice 9/5/2007
Rule file 69O-170.0144 Public Hurricane Loss Projection Model-Fee Schedule 12/8/2008
Rule file 69O-170.0155 Forms 3/25/2013
Rule file 69O-170.017 Windstorm Mitigation Discounts 12/17/2006
Rule file 69O-170.018 Review of Property and Casualty Rates 3/14/1996
Rule file 69O-170.019 Individually Rated Risks 8/2/2000
Rule file 69O-170.0195 Reasonable Degree of Competition Criteria - Monroe County 6/1/2006
Rule file 69O-170.020 Purpose 6/9/1993
Rule file 69O-170.021 Rating Organizations (Transferred) 5/20/1990
Rule file 69O-170.022 Advisory Organizations (Transferred) 6/9/1993
Rule file 69O-170.030 Loss Reserve Discounts 7/30/2017
Rule file 69O-170.031 Statement of Actuarial Opinion on Loss and Loss Expense Reserves 1/27/1992
Rule file 69O-170.101 Title, Scope, Application, and Purpose (Repealed) 8/13/2012
Rule file 69O-170.103 Demand for Arbitration and Response (Repealed) 8/13/2012
Rule file 69O-170.105 Costs, Expenses and Fees of the Arbitration (Repealed) 8/13/2012
Rule file 69O-170.107 Procedure for Arbitration (Repealed) 8/13/2012
Rule file 69O-170.109 Selection of the Arbitration Panel (Repealed) 8/13/2012
Rule file 69O-170.111 Scope of the Evidence in a Rate Filing Arbitration (Repealed) 8/13/2012
Rule file 69O-170.113 Computation of Time; Service by Mail 8/31/1997
Rule file 69O-170.115 Filing and Service of Papers; Signing (Repealed) 8/13/2012
Rule file 69O-170.117 Discovery (Repealed) 8/13/2012
Rule file 69O-170.119 Subpoenas and Witnesses; Fees (Repealed) 8/13/2012
Rule file 69O-170.121 Official Recognition of Facts (Repealed) 8/13/2012
Rule file 69O-170.123 Motion Hearings by Telephone (Repealed) 8/13/2012
Rule file 69O-170.126 Pre-hearing Conference; Pre-hearing Stipulation (Repealed) 8/13/2012
Rule file 69O-170.127 Notice of Final Hearing; Scheduling (Repealed) 8/13/2012
Rule file 69O-170.129 Conduct of Proceedings (Repealed) 8/13/2012
Rule file 69O-170.131 Conduct of Formal Hearing; Evidence (Repealed) 8/13/2012
Rule file 69O-170.133 Post-hearing Memorandum (Repealed) 8/13/2012
Rule file 69O-170.135 Final Decision and Award (Repealed) 8/13/2012
Rule file 69O-170.137 Related Laws and Rules (Repealed) 8/13/2012