Rule Chapter: 69O-149
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 69O-149.002 Scope and Applicability 1/16/2008
Rule file 69O-149.0025 Definitions 10/1/2008
Rule file 69O-149.003 Rate Filing Procedures 9/15/2013
Rule file 69O-149.004 Experience Records 5/18/2004
Rule file 69O-149.005 Reasonableness of Benefits in Relation to Premiums 1/17/2024
Rule file 69O-149.0055 Healthy Lifestyle Rebate 1/12/2006
Rule file 69O-149.006 Actuarial Memorandum 1/3/2021
Rule file 69O-149.007 Annual Rate Certification (ARC) Filing Procedures 11/2/2006
Rule file 69O-149.008 Loss Ratio Guarantee Filings 5/14/1992
Rule file 69O-149.010 Refusal to Insure Based on Geographical Location 1/31/1984
Rule file 69O-149.020 Purpose and Scope 5/15/1996
Rule file 69O-149.021 Form Filing Procedures 5/18/2004
Rule file 69O-149.022 Forms Adopted 12/10/2013
Rule file 69O-149.023 Review 5/18/2004
Rule file 69O-149.024 Prohibited Policies 1/19/1994
Rule file 69O-149.030 Purpose 8/4/2002
Rule file 69O-149.031 Applicability and Scope; Penalties 8/4/2002
Rule file 69O-149.032 Requirement to Insure Entire Groups 8/4/2002
Rule file 69O-149.033 Consideration of Industry 11/7/1993
Rule file 69O-149.037 Calculation of Premium Rates 5/24/2007
Rule file 69O-149.038 Employee Health Care Access Act Statement Reporting Requirement 7/6/2006
Rule file 69O-149.039 Designation of Election to Become a Risk-Assuming or Reinsuring Carrier Under Section 627.6699, Florida Statutes, the Employee Health Care Access Act 7/30/2017
Rule file 69O-149.040 Change of Status of Small Employer Carrier's Election to Become Risk-Assuming Carrier or Reinsuring Carrier 7/30/2017
Rule file 69O-149.041 Marketing Communication Material and Marketing Guidelines 6/19/2003
Rule file 69O-149.043 Small Employer Health Reinsurance Program 6/19/2003
Rule file 69O-149.044 Forms 9/15/2005
Rule file 69O-149.052 Establishing a Self-Funded Health Benefit Plan 5/18/2004
Rule file 69O-149.053 On-Going Review of the Self-Funded Health Benefit Plan 5/18/2004
Rule file 69O-149.054 Forms Incorporated by Reference 5/18/2004
Rule file 69O-149.200 Purpose 3/2/2000
Rule file 69O-149.201 Scope 4/2/2001
Rule file 69O-149.202 Standard Risk Rate 1/20/2003
Rule file 69O-149.203 Group Conversion Premium 5/18/2004
Rule file 69O-149.204 Outline of Coverage (Repealed) 11/21/2017
Rule file 69O-149.205 Indemnity Standard Risk Rate 7/29/2009
Rule file 69O-149.206 Preferred Provider/Exclusive Provider Standard Risk Rates 10/29/2008
Rule file 69O-149.207 Health Maintenance Organization Standard Risk Rates 10/29/2008