Rule Chapter: 69K-5
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 69K-5.0015 Preneed Licenses 1/12/2004
Rule file 69K-5.0016 Preneed License; Financial Requirements 9/5/2018
Rule file 69K-5.002 Application for Preneed License 12/24/2018
Rule file 69K-5.0021 Application for Preneed License Branch Office License 12/24/2018
Rule file 69K-5.0022 Applications for Transfer of a Preneed License 12/24/2018
Rule file 69K-5.0023 Temporary Preneed Licenses 5/13/1997
Rule file 69K-5.0024 Remittances to the Regulatory Trust Fund 5/29/2022
Rule file 69K-5.0025 Inactive Preneed Licenses 8/12/2002
Rule file 69K-5.0026 Preneed License Renewal 12/24/2018
Rule file 69K-5.003 Application for Preneed Sales Agent License and Appointment 3/1/2016
Rule file 69K-5.0031 Definition of Good Standing With the Board of Funeral, Cemetery, and Consumer Services (Repealed) 3/1/2016
Rule file 69K-5.0035 Termination of Appointment of a Preneed Sales Agent 1/12/2004
Rule file 69K-5.004 Procedures for Licensing a New Cemetery 3/1/2016
Rule file 69K-5.006 Procedure for Licensing Transferred Cemeteries 3/1/2016
Rule file 69K-5.007 Conversion Procedures 11/7/2022
Rule file 69K-5.008 Request for Additional Information - Applications 1/12/2004
Rule file 69K-5.009 Regulatory Standards for Evaluating Applications by the Board 12/24/2018
Rule file 69K-5.010 List of Approved Forms; Incorporation (Transferred) 9/28/2003
Rule file 69K-5.0101 Forms and Instructions (Repealed) 10/1/2007
Rule file 69K-5.011 Preneed Sales Agent Renewal 12/24/2018
Rule file 69K-5.012 Application and Renewal Procedures for Broker of Burial Rights License 4/30/2009
Rule file 69K-5.0125 Minimum Records to Be Maintained by Burial Rights Brokers; Inspection of Records 5/25/2009
Rule file 69K-5.013 Procedure for Report of Identification for an Exempt Cemetery 12/24/2018