Rule Chapter: 69I-42
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 69I-42.001 Applicability 3/5/1990
Rule file 69I-42.002 Definitions 3/5/1990
Rule file 69I-42.003 Forms 12/27/2006
Rule file 69I-42.004 Conferences and Conventions 12/29/1996
Rule file 69I-42.005 Travel Advances 1/7/1998
Rule file 69I-42.006 Per Diem and Subsistence Allowance 1/7/1998
Rule file 69I-42.007 Transportation - Common Carriers 1/7/1998
Rule file 69I-42.008 Transportation - Privately Owned Vehicles 4/8/1998
Rule file 69I-42.009 Transportation - Complimentary 3/5/1990
Rule file 69I-42.010 Other Incidental Traveling Expenses 12/29/1996
Rule file 69I-42.011 Direct Payment of Expenses by Agency 12/29/1996
Rule file 69I-42.012 Requirements for Reimbursement of Expenditures by Physically Handicapped Travelers 1/8/1995