Rule Chapter: 69B-228
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 69B-228.010 Purpose 1/17/2005
Rule file 69B-228.020 Scope 1/17/2005
Rule file 69B-228.030 Definitions 8/3/2009
Rule file 69B-228.040 Course Providers 4/29/2001
Rule file 69B-228.050 School Officials 4/29/2001
Rule file 69B-228.060 Instructors and Supervising Instructors 1/17/2005
Rule file 69B-228.080 Course Approval; Requirements; Guidelines 1/17/2005
Rule file 69B-228.090 Course Offerings and Attendance Records 4/29/2001
Rule file 69B-228.100 Certification of Students 4/29/2001
Rule file 69B-228.110 Textbooks 4/29/2001
Rule file 69B-228.120 Course Fees 4/29/2001
Rule file 69B-228.130 Facilities 4/29/2001
Rule file 69B-228.150 Advertising 4/29/2001
Rule file 69B-228.160 Prohibited Practices 4/29/2001
Rule file 69B-228.180 Forms 8/4/2013
Rule file 69B-228.190 Transition Time in the Event of Rule Changes 4/29/2001
Rule file 69B-228.210 Penalties for Course Providers, School Officials, Supervising Instructors, Instructors, and Monitors 4/29/2001
Rule file 69B-228.220 Licensee Compliance; Requirements; Penalties for Non-Compliance 8/4/2013
Rule file 69B-228.230 Extensions 4/29/2001
Rule file 69B-228.240 Applicability of Continuing Education Requirement for New Licensees 4/29/2001
Rule file 69B-228.250 Exempted Licensees 4/29/2001