Rule Chapter: 65C-14
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 65C-14.001 Definitions (Transferred) 5/26/2021
Rule file 65C-14.002 Licensed Child Caring Agencies (Repealed) 3/9/2016
Rule file 65C-14.003 Application Packet and Licensing Documents (Transferred) 5/26/2021
Rule file 65C-14.004 On Site Visits (Repealed) 10/20/2016
Rule file 65C-14.005 Grievance Procedure (Repealed) 10/20/2016
Rule file 65C-14.006 Administration and Organization (Transferred) 5/26/2021
Rule file 65C-14.007 Buildings, Grounds, Equipment, and Interior Accommodations (Transferred) 5/26/2021
Rule file 65C-14.008 Interior Accommodations (Repealed) 10/20/2016
Rule file 65C-14.009 Ventilation and Lighting (Repealed) 10/20/2016
Rule file 65C-14.010 Safety, Sanitation and Food Service Requirements (Transferred) 5/26/2021
Rule file 65C-14.011 Fire Regulations (Repealed) 10/20/2016
Rule file 65C-14.012 Transportation Safety (Repealed) 10/20/2016
Rule file 65C-14.013 Food and Nutrition (Repealed) 10/20/2016
Rule file 65C-14.014 Health and Medical Services (Transferred) 5/26/2021
Rule file 65C-14.015 Administration of Medication (Repealed) 10/20/2016
Rule file 65C-14.016 Incident Notification Procedures (Repealed) 10/20/2016
Rule file 65C-14.017 Child Abuse and Neglect and Incident Notification Procedures (Transferred) 5/26/2021
Rule file 65C-14.018 Individual Needs and Rights of Children in Care (Transferred) 5/26/2021
Rule file 65C-14.019 Recreation, Leisure Activities and Work Experience (Repealed) 10/20/2016
Rule file 65C-14.020 Clothing and Personal Belongings (Repealed) 10/20/2016
Rule file 65C-14.021 Discipline and Behavior Management (Transferred) 10/20/2016
Rule file 65C-14.022 Child Records and Confidentiality Requirements (Transferred) 5/26/2021
Rule file 65C-14.023 Personnel and Staffing Requirements (Transferred) 5/26/2021
Rule file 65C-14.024 Staffing Requirements (Repealed) 10/20/2016
Rule file 65C-14.025 Volunteers (Repealed) 10/20/2016
Rule file 65C-14.026 Organization (Repealed) 10/20/2016
Rule file 65C-14.027 Confidentiality Related to HIV Infected Children (Repealed) 10/20/2016
Rule file 65C-14.040 Admission, Placement, and Ongoing Services (Transferred) 5/26/2021
Rule file 65C-14.041 Medical Information (Repealed) 10/20/2016
Rule file 65C-14.042 Orientation (Repealed) 10/20/2016
Rule file 65C-14.043 Child's Case Record (Repealed) 10/20/2016
Rule file 65C-14.044 Placement Agreement (Repealed) 10/20/2016
Rule file 65C-14.045 Program Services for Children in Care (Repealed) 10/20/2016
Rule file 65C-14.046 Continuing Service Plan and Review (Repealed) 10/20/2016
Rule file 65C-14.047 Educational and Vocational Services (Repealed) 10/20/2016
Rule file 65C-14.048 Discharge Planning and Aftercare Services (Transferred) 5/26/2021
Rule file 65C-14.049 Religious and Ethnic Heritage (Repealed) 10/20/2016
Rule file 65C-14.050 Interior Space (Repealed) 10/20/2016
Rule file 65C-14.051 Food Service (Repealed) 10/20/2016
Rule file 65C-14.052 Health Care (Repealed) 10/20/2016
Rule file 65C-14.053 Apparel and Allowance (Repealed) 10/20/2016
Rule file 65C-14.054 Personnel (Repealed) 10/20/2016
Rule file 65C-14.055 Job Functions and Staff Qualifications (Repealed) 10/20/2016
Rule file 65C-14.056 Staff Development (Repealed) 10/20/2016
Rule file 65C-14.060 Standards for Contracted Emergency Shelters (Repealed) 10/20/2016
Rule file 65C-14.061 Standards for Runaway Shelters (Repealed) 10/20/2016
Rule file 65C-14.062 Medical Care in All Runaway Shelters (Repealed) 1/12/2016
Rule file 65C-14.070 Specific Rules for Maternity Residences (Repealed) 1/12/2016
Rule file 65C-14.071 Admission and Planning (Repealed) 1/12/2016
Rule file 65C-14.072 Medical Information (Repealed) 10/20/2016
Rule file 65C-14.073 Discharge (Repealed) 1/12/2016
Rule file 65C-14.074 Counseling Services (Repealed) 10/20/2016
Rule file 65C-14.075 Education and Vocational Service (Repealed) 10/20/2016
Rule file 65C-14.076 Orientation (Repealed) 1/12/2016
Rule file 65C-14.077 Case Record (Repealed) 1/12/2016
Rule file 65C-14.078 Interior Furnishings and Space (Repealed) 10/20/2016
Rule file 65C-14.079 Staffing Requirements for Maternity Residences (Repealed) 10/20/2016
Rule file 65C-14.080 Food Service (Repealed) 10/20/2016
Rule file 65C-14.081 Health Care (Repealed) 1/12/2016
Rule file 65C-14.082 Apparel and Allowance (Repealed) 1/12/2016
Rule file 65C-14.083 Personnel (Repealed) 1/12/2016
Rule file 65C-14.084 Job Functions and Staff Qualifications (Repealed) 1/12/2016
Rule file 65C-14.085 Staff Development (Repealed) 1/12/2016
Rule file 65C-14.090 Exemptions (Repealed) 10/20/2016
Rule file 65C-14.091 Administrative Organization (Repealed) 1/12/2016
Rule file 65C-14.092 Course Admission and Planning (Repealed) 1/12/2016
Rule file 65C-14.093 Medical History (Repealed) 1/12/2016
Rule file 65C-14.094 Program Orientation (Repealed) 1/12/2016
Rule file 65C-14.095 Case Record (Repealed) 1/12/2016
Rule file 65C-14.096 Case Plan (Repealed) 10/20/2016
Rule file 65C-14.097 Food Service (Repealed) 1/12/2016
Rule file 65C-14.098 Health (Repealed) 1/12/2016
Rule file 65C-14.099 Aquatic Safety Procedures (Repealed) 10/20/2016
Rule file 65C-14.100 Fire and Weather Safety (Repealed) 10/20/2016
Rule file 65C-14.101 Sedentary Programs (Repealed) 10/20/2016
Rule file 65C-14.102 Mobile Programs (Repealed) 10/20/2016
Rule file 65C-14.103 Personnel Practices (Repealed) 1/12/2016
Rule file 65C-14.104 Job Descriptions (Repealed) 10/20/2016
Rule file 65C-14.105 Training (Repealed) 1/12/2016
Rule file 65C-14.110 Specific Exemptions for Wilderness Camps (Repealed) 10/20/2016
Rule file 65C-14.111 Structural and Safety Requirements (Repealed) 10/20/2016
Rule file 65C-14.112 Clothing and Personal Needs (Repealed) 10/20/2016
Rule file 65C-14.113 Water Safety (Repealed) 10/20/2016
Rule file 65C-14.114 Admission, Education and Case Record Procedures (Repealed) 10/20/2016
Rule file 65C-14.115 Wilderness Camp Personnel Policies (Repealed) 10/20/2016
Rule file 65C-14.116 Administrative Actions, Appeals and Closures (Transferred) 7/6/2021
Rule file 65C-14.117 Standards for Contracted Emergency Shelters (Transferred) 5/26/2021
Rule file 65C-14.118 Standards for Runaway Shelters (Transferred) 5/26/2021
Rule file 65C-14.1181 Standards for Maternity Homes (Transferred) 5/26/2021
Rule file 65C-14.1182 Standards for Wilderness Camps (Transferred) 5/26/2021
Rule file 65C-14.1183 Standards for At-Risk Houses (Transferred) 5/26/2021
Rule file 65C-14.119 Standards for Safe Houses (Transferred) 5/26/2021
Rule file 65C-14.120 Record Keeping for Children in Safe Houses (Repealed) 7/6/2021
Rule file 65C-14.121 Standards for Qualified Residential Treatment Program Credential (Transferred) 5/26/2021
Rule file 65C-14.122 Standards for Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) Homes and Unaccompanied Refugee Minor Programs (Transferred) 5/26/2021
Rule file 65C-14.123 Standards for Traditional and Residential Homes (Transferred) 5/26/2021
Rule file 65C-14.124 Licensing Process and Procedures (Transferred) 5/26/2021
Rule file 65C-14.125 Foster Care Referrals and Investigations (Transferred) 7/6/2021