Rule Chapter: 64E-16
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 64E-16.001 General 6/3/1997
Rule file 64E-16.002 Definitions 6/3/1997
Rule file 64E-16.003 Facility Policies and Procedures 6/3/1997
Rule file 64E-16.004 Storage and Containment 6/4/1997
Rule file 64E-16.005 Labeling 6/3/1997
Rule file 64E-16.006 Generator Requirements 6/3/1997
Rule file 64E-16.007 Treatment 6/3/1997
Rule file 64E-16.008 Biomedical Waste Transport 6/3/1997
Rule file 64E-16.009 Registration of Biomedical Waste Transporters 6/3/1997
Rule file 64E-16.010 Inspections 6/3/1997
Rule file 64E-16.011 Permits 11/5/2002
Rule file 64E-16.012 Fees 1/12/2009
Rule file 64E-16.013 Enforcement and Penalties (Repealed) 12/2/2015