Rule Chapter: 64B15-14
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 64B15-14.001 Advertisings 11/29/2010
Rule file 64B15-14.0015 Notice to the Department of Mailing Address and Place of Practice of Licensee 8/13/2015
Rule file 64B15-14.003 HIV/AIDS: Knowledge of Antibody Status; Action to be Taken (Repealed) 10/21/2015
Rule file 64B15-14.004 Standards for the Prescription of Drugs to Treat Obesity 8/8/2022
Rule file 64B15-14.005 Standards for the Prescribing of Controlled Substances for Treatment of Acute Pain 1/1/2019
Rule file 64B15-14.0051 Training Requirements for Physicians Practicing in Pain Management Clinics 7/3/2012
Rule file 64B15-14.0052 Requirement for Pain Management Clinic Registration; Inspection or Accreditation 11/8/2010
Rule file 64B15-14.006 Standards of Practice for Surgery/Procedure 10/3/2013
Rule file 64B15-14.007 Standard of Care for Office Surgery 5/19/2022
Rule file 64B15-14.0075 Osteopathic Physician Office Incident Reporting 4/18/2021
Rule file 64B15-14.0076 Requirement for Osteopathic Physician Office Surgery Registration; Inspection or Accreditation 11/9/2022
Rule file 64B15-14.0077 Approval of Osteopathic Physician Office Accrediting Organizations 11/9/2022
Rule file 64B15-14.008 Standards for Telemedicine Prescribing Practice (Repealed) 12/9/2014
Rule file 64B15-14.0081 Standards for Telemedicine Practice (Repealed) 10/24/2019
Rule file 64B15-14.009 Standards for Office Based Opioid Addiction Treatment (Repealed) 5/18/2023
Rule file 64B15-14.010 Physician Practice Standard Regarding Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Orders 2/9/2005
Rule file 64B15-14.011 Qualifications of Physicians Who Evaluate and Treat Sex Offenders (Repealed) 5/28/2012
Rule file 64B15-14.012 Optional Informed Consent for Cataract Surgery 2/8/2016
Rule file 64B15-14.013 Mandatory Standardized Informed Consent for Medical Marijuana; Required Documentation for Comparable Medical Conditions; Required Documentation for Smokable Medical Marijuana 7/13/2021
Rule file 64B15-14.0131 Practice Standards for the Certification of Smoking Marijuana as a Route of Administration 7/13/2021
Rule file 64B15-14.014 Standards of Practice for the Treatment of Gender Dysphoria in Minors 3/28/2023
Rule file 64B15-14.015 Physician Reporting Requirements for Termination of Pregnancies 5/24/2023