Rule Chapter: 64B24-7
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 64B24-7.001 Definitions 9/11/2002
Rule file 64B24-7.003 Acceptance of Patients (Repealed) 2/6/2008
Rule file 64B24-7.004 Risk Assessment 4/1/2009
Rule file 64B24-7.005 Informed Consent 9/11/2002
Rule file 64B24-7.006 Preparation for Home Delivery 9/11/2002
Rule file 64B24-7.007 Responsibilities of Midwives During the Antepartum Period 9/18/2006
Rule file 64B24-7.008 Responsibilities of Midwives During Intrapartum 7/21/2003
Rule file 64B24-7.009 Responsibilities of the Midwife During Postpartum 9/11/2002
Rule file 64B24-7.010 Collaborative Management 9/11/2002
Rule file 64B24-7.011 Administration of Medicinal Drugs 9/11/2002
Rule file 64B24-7.013 Requirement for Insurance 9/11/2002
Rule file 64B24-7.014 Records and Reports 10/5/2017
Rule file 64B24-7.015 Advertising 3/20/1996
Rule file 64B24-7.016 Sexual Misconduct (Repealed) 2/18/2008
Rule file 64B24-7.018 Address of Record 3/17/2009