Rule Chapter: 62-673
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 62-673.200 Definitions 7/19/2006
Rule file 62-673.220 Applicability 3/25/1993
Rule file 62-673.300 Prohibitions 3/25/1993
Rule file 62-673.310 Alternate Procedures and Requirements 3/25/1993
Rule file 62-673.320 Permitting of Phosphogypsum Stack Systems 5/9/2013
Rule file 62-673.340 Phosphogypsum Stack System General Criteria 7/2/2005
Rule file 62-673.400 Phosphogypsum Stack System Construction Requirements 3/25/1993
Rule file 62-673.600 Closure of Phosphogypsum Stacks 7/2/2005
Rule file 62-673.610 Closure Plan Requirements 3/25/1993
Rule file 62-673.620 Closure Procedures 3/25/1993
Rule file 62-673.630 Long-Term Care 3/25/1993
Rule file 62-673.640 Financial Assurance 7/2/2005
Rule file 62-673.650 Closure of Unlined Systems 8/1/1993