Rule Chapter: 62-640
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 62-640.100 Scope, Intent, Purpose, and Applicability 6/21/2021
Rule file 62-640.200 Definitions 6/21/2021
Rule file 62-640.210 General Technical Guidance and Forms 6/21/2021
Rule file 62-640.300 General Requirements 6/21/2021
Rule file 62-640.400 Prohibitions 6/21/2021
Rule file 62-640.500 Nutrient Management Plan (NMP) 6/21/2021
Rule file 62-640.600 Pathogen Reduction and Vector Attraction Reduction 6/21/2021
Rule file 62-640.650 Monitoring, Record Keeping, Reporting, and Notification 6/21/2021
Rule file 62-640.700 Requirements for Land Application 6/21/2021
Rule file 62-640.750 Agricultural Sites (Repealed) 8/29/2010
Rule file 62-640.800 Additional Requirements for Land Application at Reclamation Sites 6/21/2021
Rule file 62-640.850 Distribution and Marketing of - Class AA Biosolids 6/21/2021
Rule file 62-640.860 Other Solids 8/29/2010
Rule file 62-640.880 Additional Requirements Related to Biosolids Treatment Facilities 6/21/2021