Rule Chapter: 61G4-15
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 61G4-15.001 Qualification for Certification 5/16/2024
Rule file 61G4-15.002 Statement of Authority 6/26/2024
Rule file 61G4-15.0021 Business Organizations 4/13/2022
Rule file 61G4-15.0022 Qualification of Joint Ventures 12/13/2009
Rule file 61G4-15.0024 Supervision of Business Entities 5/5/2024
Rule file 61G4-15.003 Public Liability Insurance 11/15/2007
Rule file 61G4-15.004 Certification by Endorsement: Examination Equivalency 3/10/2019
Rule file 61G4-15.005 Requirements for Certification and Registration (Repealed) 9/16/2007
Rule file 61G4-15.0055 Job Scopes for Registered Licensure Categories (Repealed) 1/7/2016
Rule file 61G4-15.006 Financial Responsibility and Financial Stability, Grounds for Denial 5/5/2024
Rule file 61G4-15.007 Notification of Changes 11/13/1997
Rule file 61G4-15.008 False Statements (Repealed) 2/27/2012
Rule file 61G4-15.009 Replacement of Qualifying Persons (Repealed) 5/5/2024
Rule file 61G4-15.010 Requirements for Applicant Seeking Administration of Oral Examination (Repealed) 1/7/2016
Rule file 61G4-15.012 Certification of Rooftop Solar Heating Installation Specialty Contractors 5/5/2024
Rule file 61G4-15.014 Violation of Final Orders (Repealed) 1/7/2016
Rule file 61G4-15.015 Certification of Specialty Structure Contractors 11/15/2007
Rule file 61G4-15.017 Certification of Gypsum Drywall Specialty Contractors (Repealed) 5/5/2024
Rule file 61G4-15.018 Certification of Glass and Glazing Specialty Contractors (Repealed) 5/5/2024
Rule file 61G4-15.021 Minor Work Incidental to the Installation of Residential Solar Energy Equipment 6/26/2024
Rule file 61G4-15.026 Certification of Gas Line Specialty Contractors (Repealed) 5/5/2024
Rule file 61G4-15.027 Pollutant Storage System Specialty Contractors 11/15/2007
Rule file 61G4-15.028 Precision Tank Testers 7/7/2005
Rule file 61G4-15.029 Tank Lining Applicators 7/7/2005
Rule file 61G4-15.030 Certification of Registered Contractors 5/5/2024
Rule file 61G4-15.031 Medical Gas Certification 7/7/2005
Rule file 61G4-15.032 Certification of Swimming Pool Specialty Contractors 6/26/2018
Rule file 61G4-15.033 Certification of Marine Specialty Contractors (Repealed) 5/5/2024
Rule file 61G4-15.034 Certification of Tower Specialty Contractors (Repealed) 5/5/2024
Rule file 61G4-15.035 Certification of Irrigation Specialty Contractors (Repealed) 5/5/2024
Rule file 61G4-15.038 Certification of Building Demolition Specialty Contractors (Repealed) 5/5/2024
Rule file 61G4-15.039 Certification of Industrial Facility Specialty Contractors (Repealed) 5/5/2024
Rule file 61G4-15.040 Certification of Residential Pool/Spa Servicing Specialty Contractors (Repealed) 5/5/2024
Rule file 61G4-15.100 Certified Specialty Contractors 5/5/2024