Rule Chapter: 61D-11
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 61D-11.001 Definitions (Transferred) 9/1/2020
Rule file 61D-11.002 Cardroom Games (Transferred) 1/2/2018
Rule file 61D-11.0021 Cardroom Game Rules (Transferred) 1/2/2018
Rule file 61D-11.0025 Notification in Writing (Repealed) 1/2/2018
Rule file 61D-11.003 Card-Play Hands (Transferred) 1/2/2018
Rule file 61D-11.004 Dealer Responsibilities (Transferred) 1/2/2018
Rule file 61D-11.005 Prohibitions (Transferred) 1/2/2018
Rule file 61D-11.006 Inspection of Premises, Records (Transferred) 1/2/2018
Rule file 61D-11.007 Cardroom Operator License (Transferred) 1/2/2018
Rule file 61D-11.008 Cardroom Business Occupational License (Transferred) 9/1/2020
Rule file 61D-11.009 Cardroom Employee Occupational License (Transferred) 9/1/2020
Rule file 61D-11.0101 Temporary Cardroom Occupational License (Transferred) 9/1/2020
Rule file 61D-11.011 Notification of Criminal Conviction or Charge (Transferred) 9/7/2008
Rule file 61D-11.012 Duties of Cardroom Operators (Transferred) 1/2/2018
Rule file 61D-11.013 Display of Identification and Possession of Occupational Licenses (Repealed) 1/2/2018
Rule file 61D-11.014 Cards (Transferred) 1/2/2018
Rule file 61D-11.0145 Dominoes (Transferred) 9/7/2008
Rule file 61D-11.0149 Dominoes Supervisors (Transferred) 7/21/2014
Rule file 61D-11.015 Chips and Tokens (Transferred) 7/21/2014
Rule file 61D-11.016 Card and Domino Tables (Transferred) 7/21/2014
Rule file 61D-11.017 Admissions Requirements (Repealed) 7/2/2008
Rule file 61D-11.0175 Cardroom Drop, Count Rooms, and Count Procedures (Transferred) 1/2/2018
Rule file 61D-11.018 Reporting Requirements to Determine Net Proceeds or Gross Revenues (Transferred) 1/2/2018
Rule file 61D-11.019 Internal Controls (Transferred) 1/2/2018
Rule file 61D-11.020 Drop Box and Key Control Procedures (Transferred) 7/21/2014
Rule file 61D-11.021 Tip Box Procedures (Transferred) 7/21/2014
Rule file 61D-11.022 Cardroom Imprest Tray (Transferred) 7/21/2014
Rule file 61D-11.023 Accounting for Transactions Between Card Table Imprest Tray and Cardroom Imprest Bank (Repealed) 7/2/2008
Rule file 61D-11.024 Rake Procedures (Transferred) 9/7/2008
Rule file 61D-11.025 Cardroom Electronic Surveillance (Transferred) 1/2/2018
Rule file 61D-11.0251 Security Plans (Transferred) 7/21/2014
Rule file 61D-11.026 Definition of Poker (Repealed) 11/2/1999
Rule file 61D-11.027 Tournaments (Repealed) 6/21/2006
Rule file 61D-11.0275 Tournaments (Transferred) 1/2/2018
Rule file 61D-11.0279 Jackpots, Prizes, and Giveaways (Transferred) 1/2/2018
Rule file 61D-11.031 Cashiers' Cage (Transferred) 7/21/2014