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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 5K-4.002 Adoption of Federal Regulations and Other Standards 10/31/2017
Rule file 5K-4.004 General Requirements for the Manufacturing, Processing, Packing, Holding and Retailing of Foods 7/26/2004
Rule file 5K-4.010 Fish and Fishery Products (Repealed) 2/15/2012
Rule file 5K-4.020 Food Permits; Requirements and Fees 3/24/2014
Rule file 5K-4.021 Food Manager Certification 3/24/2014
Rule file 5K-4.023 Packaged Ice 8/8/1995
Rule file 5K-4.025 Foreign Produce Labeling 8/8/1995
Rule file 5K-4.026 Export Certification Reports 12/29/2003
Rule file 5K-4.027 Standard of Identity – Honey. 7/14/2009
Rule file 5K-4.028 Adulteration and Misbranding – Honey 7/14/2009
Rule file 5K-4.029 Tomato Packing House 3/1/2009
Rule file 5K-4.033 Limited Poultry and Egg Farm Operation 3/24/2014
Rule file 5K-4.041 Documents Incorporated by Reference and Definitions (Transferred) 4/14/2008
Rule file 5K-4.042 Permits, Licenses and Inspections (Transferred) 4/14/2008
Rule file 5K-4.043 Dating; Standards for Milk, Milk Products, Manufactured Milk Products and Frozen Desserts (Transferred) 4/14/2008
Rule file 5K-4.044 Future Dairy Farms, Milk Plants, Manufacturing Milk Plants and Frozen Dessert Plants (Transferred) 4/14/2008