Rule Chapter: 59G-6
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 59G-6.005 Reimbursement Methodology for Services Provided by Medical School Faculty 8/15/2021
Rule file 59G-6.010 Payment Methodology for Nursing Home Services 9/14/2021
Rule file 59G-6.020 Payment Methodology for Inpatient Hospital Services 7/12/2018
Rule file 59G-6.025 Reimbursement Methodology for Cancer Hospitals 5/13/2019
Rule file 59G-6.030 Payment Methodology for Outpatient Hospital Services 6/26/2017
Rule file 59G-6.031 Enhanced Ambulatory Patient Grouping Reimbursement Methodology for Hospital Outpatient Services and Ambulatory Surgical Centers 12/25/2018
Rule file 59G-6.035 Certified Public Expenditures Program for Emergency Transportation Services 6/15/2017
Rule file 59G-6.040 Payment Methodology for ICF/MR-DD Services in Publicly Owned and Publicly Operated Facilities 11/21/2004
Rule file 59G-6.045 Payment Methodology for Services in Facilities Not Publicly Owned and Not Publicly Operated (Facilities Formerly Known as ICF-MR/DD Facilities) 10/24/2021
Rule file 59G-6.050 Payment Methodology for Medicaid Non-Institutional Provider Services (Repealed) 7/26/2009
Rule file 59G-6.080 Payment Methodology for Federally Qualified Health Center and Rural Health Center Services 5/23/2016
Rule file 59G-6.090 Payment Methodology for County Health Departments 2/27/2020