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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 58A-2.002 Definitions 8/11/2008
Rule file 58A-2.003 License Requirements 8/11/2008
Rule file 58A-2.004 Licensure Procedure 8/10/2003
Rule file 58A-2.005 Administration of the Hospice 8/11/2008
Rule file 58A-2.009 Coordinated Care Program 6/5/1997
Rule file 58A-2.010 Quality Assurance and Utilization Review (QAUR)/Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement (QAPI) Committee and Plan 8/11/2008
Rule file 58A-2.012 Program Reporting Requirements. 8/11/2008
Rule file 58A-2.014 Medical Direction 8/11/2008
Rule file 58A-2.0141 Nursing Services 6/5/1997
Rule file 58A-2.015 Spiritual Counseling Services 6/5/1997
Rule file 58A-2.016 Counseling and Social Services 6/5/1997
Rule file 58A-2.017 Volunteer Services 6/5/1997
Rule file 58A-2.018 Bereavement Services 6/5/1997
Rule file 58A-2.019 Nutritional Services 6/5/1997
Rule file 58A-2.0232 Advance Directives and Do Not Resuscitate Orders (DNRO) 8/11/2008
Rule file 58A-2.0236 Residential Units 4/24/2007
Rule file 58A-2.025 Physical Plant Requirements (Inpatient Facility and Unit) 4/24/2007
Rule file 58A-2.026 Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan 4/24/2007
Rule file 58A-2.027 Hospice Employee Training Requirements 1/1/2004
Rule file 58A-2.028 Hospice Training Provider and Curriculum Approval 1/1/2004