Rule Chapter: 18-21
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 18-21.001 Intent 3/12/2012
Rule file 18-21.002 Scope and Effective Date 9/1/2009
Rule file 18-21.003 Definitions 9/1/2009
Rule file 18-21.004 Management Policies, Standards, and Criteria 9/1/2009
Rule file 18-21.00401 Additional Requirements and Procedures for Concurrent Review of Related Applications 10/12/1995
Rule file 18-21.00405 Grandfather Provisions 3/12/2012
Rule file 18-21.0041 Florida Keys Marina and Dock Siting Policies and Criteria 2/25/1985
Rule file 18-21.005 Forms of Authorization 9/1/2009
Rule file 18-21.0051 Delegation of Authority 9/1/2009
Rule file 18-21.0056 Procedures for the Review of Applications to Conduct Geophysical Testing 1/25/1987
Rule file 18-21.007 Applications for Letter of Consent 12/11/2001
Rule file 18-21.0077 Applications for Use Agreements 1/25/1987
Rule file 18-21.008 Applications for Lease 9/1/2009
Rule file 18-21.0081 Grandfather Structure Applications 3/12/2012
Rule file 18-21.0082 Applications for Special Event Authorizations 10/15/1998
Rule file 18-21.009 Applications for Public Easement 8/10/2005
Rule file 18-21.010 Applications for Private Easement 4/14/2008
Rule file 18-21.011 Payments and Fees 9/1/2009
Rule file 18-21.012 Spoil Islands 3/27/1982
Rule file 18-21.013 Applications to Purchase Filled Lands Adjacent to Riparian Uplands 4/14/2008
Rule file 18-21.019 Applications for Disclaimers, Quitclaim Deeds or Certificates to Clear Title to Filled Formerly Sovereignty Lands and for Disclaimers for Lands Lost Due to Avulsion or to Reclaim Lands Lost Due to Artificial Erosion or Artificial Erosion and Avulsion 4/13/1998
Rule file 18-21.020 Aquacultural Activities 9/1/2009
Rule file 18-21.021 Applications for Aquacultural Activities 9/1/2009
Rule file 18-21.022 Payments and Fees for Aquacultural Activities 9/1/2009
Rule file 18-21.900 Forms 9/1/2009