Rule Chapter: 15A-1
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 15A-1.001 Applications (Repealed) 8/5/2012
Rule file 15A-1.0011 Definitions (Repealed) 8/5/2012
Rule file 15A-1.0012 Identification and Proof of Date of Birth Required for Driver License or Identification Card (Repealed) 8/5/2012
Rule file 15A-1.0015 Translation of Foreign Documents (Repealed) 6/3/2014
Rule file 15A-1.002 Restricted Licenses (Repealed) 8/5/2012
Rule file 15A-1.003 Licenses Restricted as to Use 6/3/2014
Rule file 15A-1.004 Reciprocity (Repealed) 6/3/2014
Rule file 15A-1.005 Current Licenses; Relinquishment (Repealed) 6/3/2014
Rule file 15A-1.0051 Renewal of License; Resident Temporarily Out of the State (Repealed) 6/3/2014
Rule file 15A-1.006 Identification Cards (Repealed) 8/5/2012
Rule file 15A-1.007 Suspended, Disqualified, or Revoked Licenses; Approval (Repealed) 8/5/2012
Rule file 15A-1.008 Drug Addiction and Alcoholism (Repealed) 6/3/2014
Rule file 15A-1.009 Mental Condition (Repealed) 6/3/2014
Rule file 15A-1.010 Physical Condition (Repealed) 6/3/2014
Rule file 15A-1.011 Service Fee (Repealed) 8/5/2012
Rule file 15A-1.012 Driver License Examinations: Scoring 6/3/2014
Rule file 15A-1.0125 Oral Examinations 6/3/2014
Rule file 15A-1.013 Minimum Visual Standards for Licensing 6/3/2014
Rule file 15A-1.014 Driving Exam Administration 6/3/2014
Rule file 15A-1.015 Driving Ability, Demonstration: Scoring Criteria 6/3/2014
Rule file 15A-1.016 Test/Examination Failure; Disqualification: Procedure 12/28/2015
Rule file 15A-1.017 Re-examinations (Repealed) 6/3/2014
Rule file 15A-1.018 Point Determination; Suspensions (Repealed) 8/5/2012
Rule file 15A-1.019 Reinstatement; Hardship 6/3/2014
Rule file 15A-1.0195 Right of Review 6/3/2014
Rule file 15A-1.020 Duplicate and Replacement Licenses (Repealed) 8/5/2012
Rule file 15A-1.021 Cancellation (Repealed) 6/3/2014
Rule file 15A-1.023 Appointments (Repealed) 6/3/2014
Rule file 15A-1.024 Temporary Driving Permits (Repealed) 6/3/2014
Rule file 15A-1.025 Motorcycle Examinations; Written Knowledge Test; Pre-Test Motorcycle Inspection; On-Cycle Skill Test and Applicant Requirements; Scoring Criteria (Repealed) 8/5/2012
Rule file 15A-1.026 Express Renewal Offices (Repealed) 6/3/2014
Rule file 15A-1.027 Driver Education Licensing Assistance Program (DELAP) (Repealed) 6/3/2014
Rule file 15A-1.028 Fraudulent Driver License Applicants (Repealed) 6/3/2014
Rule file 15A-1.029 Distribution of Organ Donor Registration Forms (Repealed) 8/5/2012
Rule file 15A-1.0291 Organ Donor Registration Form (Repealed) 8/5/2012
Rule file 15A-1.0292 Funding of an Organ Donor Program (Repealed) 8/5/2012
Rule file 15A-1.0293 Donor Registry (Repealed) 8/5/2012
Rule file 15A-1.0294 Donor Identification (Repealed) 8/5/2012
Rule file 15A-1.0295 Donor Withdrawal (Repealed) 8/5/2012
Rule file 15A-1.0296 Substance Abuse Courses Required for Licensing (Repealed) 6/3/2014
Rule file 15A-1.0297 School Attendance Required for Licensed Drivers Between 15 - 18 Years of Age (Repealed) 8/5/2012
Rule file 15A-1.0298 Insulin Dependent Diabetics License Issuance (Repealed) 8/5/2012
Rule file 15A-1.0299 Examination, Temporary Driving Permit and Driver's License Denial (Repealed) 8/5/2012