Rule Chapter: 12D-8
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 12D-8.001 All Property to Be Assessed 1/31/1999
Rule file 12D-8.002 Completion and Submission of Assessment Rolls 9/30/1982
Rule file 12D-8.003 Possessory Interest on the Roll 12/7/1976
Rule file 12D-8.004 Notice of Proposed Increase of Assessment from Prior Year 7/10/1978
Rule file 12D-8.005 Assessing Property Not Returned as Required by Law and Penalties Thereon 12/30/1999
Rule file 12D-8.006 Assessment of Property for Back Taxes 12/30/2002
Rule file 12D-8.0061 Assessments; Homestead Property Assessments at Just Value (Repealed) 6/14/2022
Rule file 12D-8.0062 Assessments; Homestead; Limitations 6/14/2022
Rule file 12D-8.0063 Assessment of Changes, Additions, or Improvements to a Homestead (Repealed) 6/14/2022
Rule file 12D-8.0064 Assessments; Correcting Errors in Assessments of a Homestead 6/14/2022
Rule file 12D-8.0065 Transfer of Homestead Assessment Difference; "Portability"; Sworn Statement Required; Denials; Late Applications 11/11/2021
Rule file 12D-8.00659 Notice of Change of Ownership or Control of Non-Homestead Property 9/19/2017
Rule file 12D-8.0068 Reduction in Assessment for Living Quarters of Parents or Grandparents 1/26/2004
Rule file 12D-8.007 Preparation of Assessment Rolls 12/31/1998
Rule file 12D-8.008 Additional Requirements for Preparation of the Real Property Roll 12/30/2002
Rule file 12D-8.009 Additional Requirements for Preparation of Tangible Personal Property Assessment Roll 1/31/1999
Rule file 12D-8.010 Uniform Definitions for Computer Files 12/7/1976
Rule file 12D-8.011 Uniform Standards for Computer Operations: Minimum Data Requirements 10/2/2007
Rule file 12D-8.013 Submission of Computer Tape Materials to the Department 1/2/2001
Rule file 12D-8.015 Extension of the Assessment Rolls 12/7/1976
Rule file 12D-8.016 Certification of Assessment Rolls by the Appraiser 12/7/1976
Rule file 12D-8.017 Distribution of Assessment Rolls 12/7/1976
Rule file 12D-8.018 Recapitulations of Assessment Rolls 12/7/1976
Rule file 12D-8.019 Post-audit Review 1/23/1997
Rule file 12D-8.020 Approval of Assessment Rolls by the Department of Revenue 12/31/1998
Rule file 12D-8.021 Procedure for the Correction of Errors by Property Appraisers 1/16/2006
Rule file 12D-8.022 Reporting of Fiscal Data by Fiscally Constrained Counties to the Department of Revenue 11/1/2012