Rule Chapter: 12-25
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 12-25.001 Scope of Rules 3/20/1994
Rule file 12-25.002 Definitions 3/20/1994
Rule file 12-25.003 Application of Rules 3/20/1994
Rule file 12-25.004 Contract Auditor Prerequisites 7/31/2000
Rule file 12-25.005 Selection Procedures for Contract Auditors 7/31/2000
Rule file 12-25.0054 Applicants Ranking Committee 7/31/2000
Rule file 12-25.0056 Applicant Ranking Process 7/31/2000
Rule file 12-25.0058 Dispute Resolution 7/31/2000
Rule file 12-25.006 Selection Procedures for Private Broker Services 3/20/1994
Rule file 12-25.007 Contract Auditor Training 10/30/1996
Rule file 12-25.008 Contract Auditor Authority 10/30/1996
Rule file 12-25.009 Performance of Audit Services 7/1/1999
Rule file 12-25.010 Compensation 10/30/1996
Rule file 12-25.011 Confidentiality 3/20/1994
Rule file 12-25.0112 Scope of Professional Services Rendered 3/20/1994
Rule file 12-25.012 General Administrative Provisions 10/30/1996
Rule file 12-25.0305 Scope of Rules 1/17/2021
Rule file 12-25.031 Definitions 1/17/2021
Rule file 12-25.033 Eligibility and Qualifications (Repealed) 1/17/2021
Rule file 12-25.035 Responsibility for Program Training, Certification Procedures, and Program Availability (Repealed) 1/17/2021
Rule file 12-25.037 Request to Conduct a Certified Audit 1/17/2021
Rule file 12-25.038 Voluntary Disclosure of Liabilities for Other Taxes (Repealed) 1/17/2021
Rule file 12-25.039 Protest Procedure; Denial of a Request to Participate in the Certified Audit Program (Repealed) 1/17/2021
Rule file 12-25.041 Suspension of a Certified Audit in Progress 1/17/2021
Rule file 12-25.042 Withdrawal from the Certified Audit Program (Repealed) 1/17/2021
Rule file 12-25.045 A Certified Audit is Initiated by the Taxpayer but Not Completed 1/17/2021
Rule file 12-25.047 Development of the Audit Plan 1/17/2021
Rule file 12-25.048 Submission of the Certified Audit Report 1/17/2021
Rule file 12-25.049 Review of Certified Audit Reports (Repealed) 1/17/2021
Rule file 12-25.050 Protests 1/17/2021