Rule Chapter: 11D-8
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 11D-8.002 Definitions 7/29/2015
Rule file 11D-8.003 Approval of Breath Test Methods and Instruments 7/29/2015
Rule file 11D-8.0035 Approval of Alcohol Reference Solution and Sources 9/4/2016
Rule file 11D-8.0036 Approval of Dry Gas Standards Source 12/9/2004
Rule file 11D-8.004 Department Inspection and Registration of Breath Test Instruments 7/29/2015
Rule file 11D-8.006 Agency Inspection of Breath Test Instruments 7/29/2015
Rule file 11D-8.007 Approved Breath Test Instruments - Access, Facility Requirements, Observation Period, and Operational Procedures 7/29/2015
Rule file 11D-8.0075 Agency Retention of Records 7/29/2015
Rule file 11D-8.008 Breath Test Operator and Agency Inspector 7/29/2015
Rule file 11D-8.010 Qualifications for Instructors 7/29/2015
Rule file 11D-8.011 Approval of Blood Alcohol Test Methods 7/29/2015
Rule file 11D-8.012 Blood Samples - Labeling and Collection 7/29/2001
Rule file 11D-8.013 Blood Alcohol Permit - Analyst 7/29/2015
Rule file 11D-8.014 Blood Alcohol Permit - Analyst: Renewal 5/29/2014
Rule file 11D-8.015 Denial, Revocation, and Suspension of Permits 3/27/2006
Rule file 11D-8.016 Administrative Hearings 7/29/2001
Rule file 11D-8.017 Forms (Repealed) 7/29/2015