Notice: 21106635
Notice of Proposed Rule
Division: Medicaid



59G-4.002   Provider Reimbursement Schedules and Billing Codes
LAW: 409.902, 409.905, 409.906, 409.907, 409.908, 409.912, 409.913 FS.
PRINT PUBLISH DATE: 10/31/2018   Vol. 44/213
COMMENTS: From 10/31/2018 To 11/21/2018 (21 Days)
The public comment period for this notice has already expired.
REFERENCE MATERIALS: Ref-09185 Assistive Care Services Fee Schedule
Ref-09186 Behavior Analysis Fee Schedule
Ref-09187 Behavioral Health Overlay Services Fee Schedule
Ref-09188 Birth Center Fee Schedule
Ref-09189 Child Health Targeted Case Management Services Fee Schedule
Ref-09190 Community-Based Substance Abuse County Fee Schedule
Ref-09191 Community Behavioral Health Services Fee Schedule
Ref-09192 County Health Department Certified Match Program Fee Schedule
Ref-09193 Dental Fee Schedule
Ref-09194 Florida Medicaid Durable Medical Equipment and Medical Supply Services Provider Fee Schedule for All Medicaid Recipients
Ref-09195 Early Intervention Services Fee Schedule
Ref-09196 Transportation Services Fee Schedule
Ref-09197 Hearing Fee Schedule
Ref-09198 Home Health Visit Services Fee Schedule
Ref-09199 Immunization Fee Schedule
Ref-09200 Independent Laboratory Fee Schedule
Ref-09201 Licensed Midwife Fee Schedule
Ref-09202 Medicaid Certified School Match Program Fee Schedule
Ref-09203 Medical Foster Care Services Fee Schedule
Ref-09204 Mental Health Targeted Case Management Services Fee Schedule
Ref-09205 Occupational Therapy Services Fee Schedule
Ref-09206 Outpatient Laboratory Fee Schedule
Ref-09207 Personal Care Services Fee Schedule
Ref-09208 Physical Therapy Fee Schedule
Ref-09209 Physician Pediatric Surgery Fee Schedule
Ref-09210 Practitioner Fee Schedule
Ref-09212 Prescribed Drug Fee Schedule (Not Reviewed by the Pharmaceutical and Therapeutic Committee)
Ref-09213 Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care Services Fee Schedule
Ref-09214 Private Duty Nursing Services Fee Schedule
Ref-09215 Radiology Fee Schedule
Ref-09216 Regional Perinatal Intensive Care Center (RPICC) Neonatal Services Fee Schedule
Ref-09217 Regional Perinatal Intensive Care Center (RPICC) Obstetrical Services Fee Schedule
Ref-09218 Respiratory Therapy Fee Schedule
Ref-09219 Specialized Therapeutic Services Fee Schedule
Ref-09220 Speech-Language Pathology Services Fee Schedule
Ref-09221 Targeted Case Management for Children at Risk of Abuse and Neglect Services Fee Schedule
Ref-09222 Visual Services Fee Schedule
Ref-09223 County Health Department Billing Codes
Ref-09224 Federally Qualified Health Center Billing Codes
Ref-09226 Hospital Outpatient Services Billing Codes
Ref-09227 Intermediate Care Facility for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities Services Billing Codes
Ref-09228 Nursing Facility Services Billing Codes
Ref-09229 Rural Health Clinic Billing Codes
Ref-09230 Statewide Inpatient Psychiatric Program Services Billing Codes