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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 59G-4.001 Medicaid Providers Who Bill on the CMS-1500 12/3/2008
Rule file 59G-4.002 Provider Reimbursement Schedules and Billing Codes 12/31/2023
Rule file 59G-4.003 Medicaid Providers Who Bill on the UB-04 2/25/2009
Rule file 59G-4.010 Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner Services (Repealed) 10/27/2013
Rule file 59G-4.013 Allergy Services 6/29/2016
Rule file 59G-4.015 Emergency Transportation Services 10/27/2016
Rule file 59G-4.020 Ambulatory Surgical Center Services 2/11/2019
Rule file 59G-4.022 Anesthesia Services 7/5/2016
Rule file 59G-4.025 Assistive Care Services 7/10/2017
Rule file 59G-4.026 Gastrointestinal Services 6/29/2016
Rule file 59G-4.027 Behavioral Health Overlay Services 3/13/2014
Rule file 59G-4.028 Behavioral Health Assessment Services 11/28/2019
Rule file 59G-4.029 Behavioral Health Medication Management Services 11/28/2019
Rule file 59G-4.030 Reproductive Services 7/11/2016
Rule file 59G-4.031 Behavioral Health Community Support Services 11/28/2019
Rule file 59G-4.032 Integumentary Services 6/29/2016
Rule file 59G-4.033 Cardiovascular Services 6/29/2016
Rule file 59G-4.035 Medicaid Certified School Match Program 1/10/2006
Rule file 59G-4.040 Chiropractic Services 2/11/2019
Rule file 59G-4.050 Community Behavioral Health Services (Repealed) 12/22/2019
Rule file 59G-4.052 Behavioral Health Therapy Services 11/28/2019
Rule file 59G-4.055 County Health Department Clinic 6/29/2016
Rule file 59G-4.058 Medicaid County Health Department Certified Match Program 12/25/2018
Rule file 59G-4.060 Dental Services 9/24/2018
Rule file 59G-4.070 Durable Medical Equipment and Medical Supplies 9/28/2010
Rule file 59G-4.071 Durable Medical Equipment and Medical Supply Services Provider Fee Schedules (Repealed) 6/20/2016
Rule file 59G-4.072 Durable Medical Equipment and Medical Supply Services: Specialized 1/10/2024
Rule file 59G-4.073 Durable Medical Equipment and Medical Supply Services: Orthotic and Prosthetic 1/10/2024
Rule file 59G-4.074 Durable Medical Equipment and Medical Supply Services: Respiratory 1/10/2024
Rule file 59G-4.075 Durable Medical Equipment and Medical Supply Services: Wheelchairs, Hospital Beds, and Ambulatory Aids 1/10/2024
Rule file 59G-4.076 Durable Medical Equipment and Medical Supply Services: Continence, Ostomy, and Wound Care 1/10/2024
Rule file 59G-4.077 Durable Medical Equipment and Medical Supply Services: Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition 1/10/2024
Rule file 59G-4.080 Child Health Check-Up (Repealed) 7/11/2016
Rule file 59G-4.085 Early Intervention Services 11/16/2023
Rule file 59G-4.087 Evaluation and Management Services 6/29/2016
Rule file 59G-4.100 Federally Qualified Health Center 6/29/2016
Rule file 59G-4.105 Dialysis Services 1/3/2016
Rule file 59G-4.106 Freestanding Dialysis Center Fee Schedule (Repealed) 6/20/2016
Rule file 59G-4.108 Genitourinary Services 6/29/2016
Rule file 59G-4.110 Hearing Services 6/29/2016
Rule file 59G-4.120 Statewide Inpatient Psychiatric Program 1/3/2016
Rule file 59G-4.125 Behavior Analysis Services 10/9/2023
Rule file 59G-4.127 Florida Assertive Community Treatment Services 1/4/2024
Rule file 59G-4.130 Home Health Visit Services 11/17/2016
Rule file 59G-4.132 Home Health Electronic Visit Verification Program 2/22/2017
Rule file 59G-4.140 Hospice Services 12/5/2021
Rule file 59G-4.150 Inpatient Hospital Services 4/3/2024
Rule file 59G-4.160 Outpatient Hospital Services 9/8/2019
Rule file 59G-4.170 Intermediate Care Facility for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities Services 1/11/2023
Rule file 59G-4.171 Intermediate Care Facilities for the Mentally Retarded/Developmentally Disabled; Recipient Eligibility Criteria (Repealed) 7/11/2016
Rule file 59G-4.180 Intermediate Care Services 2/28/1995
Rule file 59G-4.190 Laboratory Services 4/3/2024
Rule file 59G-4.192 Statewide Medicaid Managed Care Long-term Care Program 4/23/2017
Rule file 59G-4.193 Statewide Medicaid Managed Care Long-term Care Waiver Program Prioritization and Enrollment 7/20/2021
Rule file 59G-4.195 Licensed Midwife Services (Repealed) 8/28/2014
Rule file 59G-4.197 Medical Foster Care Services 1/16/2020
Rule file 59G-4.199 Mental Health Targeted Case Management 1/2/2008
Rule file 59G-4.200 Nursing Facility Services 5/3/2016
Rule file 59G-4.201 Neurology Services 10/15/2018
Rule file 59G-4.205 Practitioner Services (Repealed) 7/11/2016
Rule file 59G-4.207 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Services 5/3/2016
Rule file 59G-4.210 Visual Care Services 6/29/2016
Rule file 59G-4.211 Orthopedic Services 6/29/2016
Rule file 59G-4.215 Personal Care Services 11/17/2016
Rule file 59G-4.220 Podiatry Services 6/29/2016
Rule file 59G-4.222 Pain Management Services 6/29/2016
Rule file 59G-4.230 Physician Services (Repealed) 10/27/2013
Rule file 59G-4.231 Physician Assistant Services (Repealed) 10/27/2013
Rule file 59G-4.235 Respiratory System Services 6/29/2016
Rule file 59G-4.240 Radiology and Nuclear Medicine Services 5/27/2019
Rule file 59G-4.250 Prescribed Drug Services 12/24/2017
Rule file 59G-4.251 Prescribed Drugs Reimbursement Methodology 12/20/2021
Rule file 59G-4.255 Prescription Drug Coverage Denials 3/2/2006
Rule file 59G-4.260 Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care Services 2/8/2018
Rule file 59G-4.261 Private Duty Nursing Services 11/17/2016
Rule file 59G-4.264 Regional Perinatal Intensive Care Center Services 7/11/2016
Rule file 59G-4.266 Qualified Evaluator Network 9/28/2015
Rule file 59G-4.270 Registered Nurse First Assistant Services (Repealed) 10/27/2013
Rule file 59G-4.280 Rural Health Clinic 6/29/2016
Rule file 59G-4.290 Skilled Services 2/21/1995
Rule file 59G-4.295 Therapeutic Group Care Services 8/6/2017
Rule file 59G-4.300 State Mental Health Hospital Services 2/8/2018
Rule file 59G-4.310 Targeted Case Management for Children at Risk of Abuse and Neglect 5/1/2014
Rule file 59G-4.318 Occupational Therapy Services 11/29/2016
Rule file 59G-4.320 Physical Therapy Services 11/29/2016
Rule file 59G-4.322 Respiratory Therapy Services 9/24/2018
Rule file 59G-4.324 Speech-Language Pathology Services 11/29/2016
Rule file 59G-4.330 Non-Emergency Transportation Services 11/19/2019
Rule file 59G-4.340 Visual Aid Services 11/15/2015
Rule file 59G-4.360 Transplant Services 5/27/2019
Rule file 59G-4.370 Behavioral Health Intervention Services 12/2/2019