Notice: 16465573
Notice of Proposed Rule



19-11.001   Definitions
19-11.002   Beneficiary Designations and Distributions for FRS Investment Plan
19-11.003   Distributions from FRS Investment Plan Accounts
19-11.004   Excessive Trading in the FRS Investment Plan
19-11.005   Florida Retirement System (FRS) State Board of Administration Complaint Procedures
19-11.006   Enrollment Procedures for New Hires
19-11.007   Second Election Enrollment Procedures for the Florida Retirement System Retirement Programs
19-11.008   Forfeitures
19-11.011   Employer and Employee Contributions and ABO or Present Value Transfer Procedures
19-11.012   Rollovers or Plan to Plan Transfers to or from the FRS Investment Plan
19-11.013   FRS Investment Plan Self-Directed Brokerage Account
RULEMAKING AUTHORITY: 121.78(3)(c); 121.4501(8 ) FS.
LAW: 120.569, 120.57, 120.573, 121.021, 121.051, 121.055, 121.091, 121.35, 121.4501(1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (6), (7), (8), (9), (10), (11), (12), (13), (14), (15), 121.591, 121.71, 121.72, 121.74, 121.77, 121.78, 215.44(8), 732.802, 744.301, 1012.875(3) FS.
PRINT PUBLISH DATE: 9/11/2015   Vol. 41/177
COMMENTS: From 9/11/2015 To 10/2/2015 (21 Days)
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REFERENCE MATERIALS: Ref-00255 Incorporated Form for Rule 19-11.002-FRS Investment Plan Beneficiary Designation
Ref-01105 Employment Termination Form- Form ETF-2
Ref-01184 FRS Pension Plan (401(a) Plan) Pretax Direct Rollover Form
Ref-04388 EZ Retirement Plan Enrollment Form
Ref-04389 General Retirement Plan Enrollment Form- ELE-1
Ref-04390 Elected Officers Class Retirement Plan Enrollment Form- EOC-1
Ref-04391 Community College Optional Retirement Program Enrollment Form
Ref-04392 State Senior Management Service Employees Enrollment Form- SMS-1
Ref-04393 Local Senior Management Retirement Plan Enrollment Form- SMS-3
Ref-04394 Second Election Retirement Plan Enrollment Form- ELE-2
Ref-04397 EZ Second Election Retirment Plan Enrollment Form- ELE-2EZ
Ref-04398 Employee Rollover Deposit Instructions and Form- IPRO-1
Ref-04399 DROP Accumulation Direct Rollover Form- Current Members
Ref-04400 DROP Direct Rollover Form- Former Members
Ref-05797 Investment Plan Beneficiary Designation Form
Ref-05798 Employment Termination Form
Ref-05800 Investment Plan General Retirement Plan Enrollment Form
Ref-05801 Investment Plan Elected Officers Class Retirement Plan Enrollment Form
Ref-05802 Investment Plan Community College Optional Retirment Plan Enrollment Form
Ref-05803 Investment Plan State Senior Management Retirment Plan Enrollment Form
Ref-05804 Investment Plan Local Senior Management Retirement Plan Enrollment Form
Ref-05805 2nd Election Retirement Plan Enrollment Form
Ref-05806 2nd Election EZ Retirement Plan Enrollment Form
Ref-05807 Employee Rollover Deposit Instructions and Form
Ref-05808 DROP Accumulation Direct Rollover Form for Current DROP Memebers
Ref-05809 DROP Direct Rollover Form for Former DROP Members