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Reference Name: Second Election Retirement Plan Enrollment Form- ELE-2
Agency: 19 State Board of Administration
19 Departmental

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6/24/2014 Updated Form- Rule 19-11.007
Modified Document(s): No Modified document(s).
Description: Updated Form- Rule 19-11.007
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To amend Rule 19-11.001, F.A.C. to clarify some definitions. To amend Rule 19-11.002, F.A.C. to incorporate the latest version of the beneficiary designation form and to reference the latest versions of the enrollment forms; .... 16465573 9/11/2015
Vol. 41/177
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Second Election Enrollment Procedures for the FRS Retirement Programs 14904358 Effective:
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To amend Rule 19-11.001, F.A.C., to add a definition of “Retirement Date Fund,” and make a technical correction. To amend Rule 19-11.004, F.A.C., to indicate that members having a Self-Directed Brokerage Account (“SDBA”) .... 14751874 6/26/2014
Vol. 40/124