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Rule Title: Approval of Teacher Preparation Programs
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Division: State Board of Education

Latest version of the final adopted rule presented in Florida Administrative Code (FAC):

VIEW_RULE Effective Date: 11/23/2021
History Notes: Rulemaking Authority 1001.02, 1004.04, 1004.85, 1012.56 FS. Law Implemented 1004.04, 1004.85, 1012.56 FS. History–New 7-2-98, Amended 8-7-00, 3-19-06, 2-17-15, 1-1-18, 4-30-18, 10-24-19, 11-23-21.
References in this version: Ref-04962 Rule 6A-4.0163
Ref-04963 Rule 6A-5.065
Ref-13736 Initial Program Approval Standards, Form IAS-2021
Ref-13737 Continued Approval, Form CA-2021
Ref-13738 Florida Site Visit Framework, Form FSVF-2021
History of this Rule since Jan. 6, 2006
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This notice of rule development is being reposted to correct an error in the original notice posted on June 9, 2014, Vol. 40/111. The error is in the second to last sentence under the “Place” section where the month was .... 14713947 6/19/2014
Vol. 40/119
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The purpose of this rule development is to update provisions in the rule due to statutory changes, rule changes and for clarity. Proposed changes include: definitions of terms used in the rule; update of specifications for .... 14663895 6/9/2014
Vol. 40/111