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Rule Title: Documents Incorporated by Reference
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Latest version of the final adopted rule presented in Florida Administrative Code (FAC):

VIEW_RULE Effective Date: 4/16/2018
History Notes: Rulemaking Authority 403.061, 403.0623 FS. Law Implemented 373.026, 373.309, 373.409, 373.413, 373.414, 373.416, 373.4592, 376.303, 376.305, 376.3071, 403.0623, 403.0625, 403.087, 403.088, 403.0881, 403.504, 403.704, 403.707, 403.722, 403.853 FS. History–New 4-9-02, Amended 6-8-04, 12-3-08, 7-30-14, 4-16-18.
References in this version: Ref-04338 EPA ICR Microbial Laboratory Manual
Ref-04341 Sampling and Use of the Stream Condition Index (SCI) for Assessing Flowing Waters: A Primer
Ref-04342 Sampling and Use of the Lake Vegetation Index (LVI) for Assessing Lake Plant Communities in Florida: A Primer
Ref-04343 USGS Field Measurements for Temperature
Ref-04357 NELAC Glossary, 2003
Ref-04358 EPA Requirements for Quality Assurance Project Plans
Ref-04361 IUPAC Nomenclature
Ref-04368 Chapter Two, Guidance regarding SW-846
Ref-04369 Process for Assessing Data Usability
Ref-07948 FA 1000 Regulatory Scope and Administrative Procedures for Use of DEP SOPs
Ref-07949 FC 1000 Cleaning/Decontamination Procedures
Ref-07950 FD 1000 Documentation Procedures
Ref-07951 FM 1000 Field Planning and Mobilization
Ref-07952 FQ 1000 Field Quality Control Requirements
Ref-07953 FS 1000 General Sampling Procedures
Ref-07954 FS 2000 General Aqueous Sampling
Ref-07955 FS 2100 Surface Water Sampling
Ref-07956 FS 2200 Groundwater Sampling
Ref-07957 FS 2300 Drinking Water Sampling
Ref-07958 FS 2400 Wastewater Sampling
Ref-07959 FS 3000 Soil
Ref-07960 FS 4000 Sediment Sampling
Ref-07961 FS 5000 Waste Sampling
Ref-07962 FS 6000 General Biological Tissue Sampling
Ref-07963 FS 7000 General Biological Community Sampling
Ref-07964 FS 8100 Contaminated Surface Sampling
Ref-07965 FS 8200 Clean Sampling for Ultratrace Metals in Surface Waters
Ref-07966 FT 1000 General Field Testing and Measurement
Ref-07967 FT 1100 Field Measurement of Hydrogen Ion Activity (pH)
Ref-07968 FT 1200 Field Measurement of Specific Conductance (Conductivity)
Ref-07969 FT 1300 Field Measurement of Salinity
Ref-07970 FT 1400 Field Measurement of Temperature
Ref-07971 FT 1500 Field Measurement of Dissolved Oxygen
Ref-07972 FT 1600 Field Measurement of Turbidity
Ref-07973 FT 1700 Field Measurement of Light Penetration (Secchi Depth and Transparency)
Ref-07974 FT 1800 Field Measurement of Stage, Surface Water Velocity, and Discharge (Flow) and Computation of Streamflow
Ref-07975 FT 1900 Continuous Monitoring With Installed Meters
Ref-07976 FT 2000 Field Measurement of Residual Chlorine
Ref-07977 FT 3000 Aquatic Habitat Characterization
Ref-07978 LD 1000 Laboratory Documentation
Ref-07979 LQ 1000 Laboratory Quality Control
Ref-07980 LT 7000 Determination of Biological Indices
Ref-07981 BRN 1000 Biological Reconnaissance Field Method
Ref-07982 LVI 1000 Lake Vegetation Index Methods
Ref-07983 SCI 1000 Stream Condition Index Methods
Ref-07984 EPA Method 5035A, Revision 1, in SW-846, Test Methods for Evaluating Solid Waste, Physical/Chemical Methods
Ref-07985 EPA Method 1623.1, Cryptosporidium and Giardia in Water by Filtration/IMS/FA, EPA 816-R-12-001, January 2012
Ref-07986 40 CFR, Ch. I, Part 136.3
Ref-07987 29 CFR 1910.120
Ref-07988 Form FD 9000-1, BioRecon Field Sheet
Ref-07989 Form FD 9000-3, Physical/Chemical Characterization Field Sheet
Ref-07990 Form FD 9000-4, Stream/River Habitat Sketch Sheet
Ref-07991 Form FD 9000-5, Stream/River Habitat Assessment Field Sheet
Ref-07992 Form FD 9000-6, Lake Habitat Assessment Field Sheet
Ref-07993 Form FD 9000-24, Groundwater Sampling Log
Ref-07994 Form FD 9000-25, Rapid Periphyton Survey Field Sheet
Ref-07995 Form FD 9000-27, Lake Vegetation Index Field Sheet
Ref-07996 Form FD 9000-31, Lake Observation Field Sheet
Ref-07997 Form FD 9000-32, Linear Stream Vegetation Survey Field Sheet
Ref-07998 Form FD 9000-33, Vegetation Wetland Condition Index Field Sheet
Ref-07999 Form FD 9000-34, Stream Habitat Assessment Training Checklist and Event Log
Ref-08000 Form FD 9000-35, Stream Condition Index Training Checklist and Event Log
Ref-08001 Alternative and Modified Analytical Laboratory Methods, DEP-QA-001/01
Ref-08008 40 CFR Part 136, Appendix B
Ref-08009 40 CFR, Part 136.3
Ref-08011 40 CFR, Part 136.4
Ref-08012 40 CFR, Part 136.5
Ref-08014 40 CFR, Part 136.6
Ref-08016 40 CFR Part 141.27
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