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Rule Title: Kiosks and Tablets
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VIEW_RULE Effective Date: 1/18/2021
History Notes: Rulemaking Authority 944.09 FS. Law Implemented 20.315. 944.09 FS. History–New 1-18-21.
References in this version: No reference(s).
History of this Rule since Jan. 6, 2006
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Section Description ID Publish
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Kiosks and Tablets 24058636 Effective:
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Administrative Confinement, Kiosks and Tablets, Video Visitation 23953100 12/3/2020
Vol. 46/234
View Text Public Hearing
The Florida Department of Corrections (FDC) has elected to conduct a public hearing to receive and consider comments and questions regarding ....
  Thursday, November 12, 2020, 9:00 a.m. and ending no later than ....
  A virtual public hearing will be held via GoToWebinar.
23842423 11/4/2020
Vol. 46/216
View Text Misc
Notice of Cancellation of Public Hearing 23835924 11/3/2020
Vol. 46/215
View Text Proposed
The proposed rules clarify and organize language, make the rules gender neutral, and establish inmate privileges related to the possession of tablets, the use of kiosks, the use of kiosk services, the use of tablet services, .... 23735335 10/7/2020
Vol. 46/196
View Text Development
Rulemaking is necessary to clarify rule language, make the rules gender neutral, organize and amend definitions, establish inmate privileges related to the possession of tablets, create the parameters for the use of kiosks, .... 23569368 8/25/2020
Vol. 46/166
View Text Development
To implement the new kiosks and tablet services. The rule will provide for the authorization, use, restrictions, and disciplinary measures for violations related to kiosks and tablet services. 19733988 11/15/2017
Vol. 43/221