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Rule Title: Religious Institution Letter of Exemption
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Division: Commission for Independent Education
Chapter: Exempt Religious Colleges

Latest version of the final adopted rule presented in Florida Administrative Code (FAC):

VIEW_RULE Effective Date: 6/22/2009
History Notes: Rulemaking Authority 1005.22(1)(d) FS. Law Implemented 1005.06(1)(f) FS. History–New 6-22-09.
References in this version: No reference(s).
History of this Rule since Jan. 6, 2006
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Section Description ID Publish
View Text Development
To consider the means by which religious institutions demonstrate an exemption from licensure and other matters related to religious institutions.. 15006305 9/3/2014
Vol. 40/171
View Text Final
Religious Institution Letter of Exemption 7266869 Effective:
View Text Proposed
The purpose and effect of the proposed rule is to set forth the procedure the Commission will utilize to issue a letter confirming that a religious post secondary institution is exempt from governmental oversight by the .... 7025242 4/17/2009
Vol. 35/15
View Text Development
The purpose of this rule development is to implement a uniform process, including an application form, by which the Commission will issue letters of exemptions to religious institutions under Section 1005.06(1)(f), F.S. .... 6364381 10/31/2008
Vol. 34/44