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Rule Title: Purpose and Scope
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Division: Program Accountability
Chapter: Quality Assurance Process

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History of this Rule since Jan. 6, 2006
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View Text Withdrawal
Purpose and Scope, Definitions, Quality Assurance Standards, Quality Assurance Peer Reviewers, Conducting Quality Assurance Reviews, Challenges and Mediation, Waivers and Alternative Compliance Measures, .... 4215055 6/1/2007
Vol. 33/22
View Text Proposed
Establishing the standards and requirements for the department’s statewide quality assurance system. 3809886 2/23/2007
Vol. 33/08
View Text Development
The proposed rule specifies the process by which the department’s quality assurance system will evaluate state and contracted programs throughout the juvenile justice continuum. 209440 3/24/2006
Vol. 32/12