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Reference Name: DROP Accumulation Direct Rollover Form for Current DROP Members- 07-16
Agency: 19 State Board of Administration
19 Departmental

Original Document(s):
11/16/2016 Rollover Form into IP for Current DTOP Members
Modified Document(s): No Modified document(s).
Description: Rollover Form into IP for Current DTOP Members
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The rule amendments to Rule 19-11.001 serve to indicate that a “member” of the Investment Plan includes an individual who is deemed to be a renewed member pursuant to Section 121.122, Florida Statutes, which has been amended .... 19587615 10/27/2017
Vol. 43/209
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Rollovers or Plan to Plan Transfers to or from the FRS Investment Plan 18789208 Effective:
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To amend Rule 19-11.001, F.A.C. to add new definitions for “death in the line of duty” and “special risk member;” to clarify other definitions; and to correct some typographical errors. To amend Rule 19-11.003, F.A.C. to .... 18299067 11/23/2016
Vol. 42/228