Reference: Ref-01928

Reference Name: SMS-3 (Rev.10-12)
Agency: 60 Department of Management Services
60S Division of Retirement

Original Document(s):
10/30/2012 SMS-3 (Rev.10-12)
Modified Document(s): No Modified document(s).
Description: SMS-3 (Rev.10-12)
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Amend ERQ-1 form title; clarify language about one time second election; amend language for default membership; clarify language about compulsory membership for eligible members; amend language for SMSOAP election; amend .... 20133046 3/5/2018
Vol. 44/44
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Participation 12751249 Effective:
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Amending the rules of the Division of Retirement to correspond with statutory changes up through the 2012 Legislative session; deleting obsolete language, incorporating by reference ten revised State Board of Administration .... 12380321 12/12/2012
Vol. 38/89