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Reference Name: Applicant's Handbook: Consumptive Uses of Water
Agency: 40 Water Management Districts
40C St. Johns River Water Management District

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10/22/2015 Corrected effective date to 11-3-15 and made minor formatting changes throughout.
11/29/2017 Changed references from “” to “” in the Applicant’s Handbook ...
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9/30/2015 Applicant's Handbook: Consumptive Uses of Water
Description: Applicant's Handbook: Consumptive Uses of Water
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The purposes and effects of the proposed rule amendments are to: (1) delete 40C-2.031(1)(e), consistent with deletion of the secondary user permit requirement in 40C-2.041(1)(f); (2) clarify surface water intake diameter .... 19430378 9/21/2017
Vol. 43/183
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By July 1, 2017, the District is required to set minimum flows or levels (MFLs) for Silver Springs in Marion County, an Outstanding Florida Spring. Based on the best available information, all three recommended minimum flows .... 18833052 4/12/2017
Vol. 43/71
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