Reference: Ref-04794

Reference Name: DH-MQA 1142 (08/2014)
Agency: 64 Department of Health
64B17 Board of Physical Therapy Practice

Original Document(s):
11/17/2014 Application for Licensure
Modified Document(s): No Modified document(s).
Description: Application for Licensure
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The purpose and effect of the rule changes proposed to rule 64B17-3.001 is to clarify and simplify the requirements for licensure for physical therapists and physical therapist assistants and to delete redundant language; .... 18350089 12/8/2016
Vol. 42/237
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The Board proposes the rule amendment to rule 64B17-3.001 to modify the rule title to delete unnecessary language and to add new language to clarify the procedures for licensure and to renumber the rule accordingly; the .... 17384551 4/6/2016
Vol. 42/67
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Licensure as a Physical Therapist by Examination 15342119 Effective: