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Reference Name: DC6-2068 Escort Chair Inmate Observation Log
Agency: 33 Department of Corrections
33 Departmental

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10/30/2015 The Florida Department of Corrections logo has changed.
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6/27/2013 DC6-2068 for 33-602.212
Description: DC6-2068 for 33-602.212
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Use of Force, Restraint of Pregnant Inmates, Escort Chair 19627579 10/30/2017
Vol. 43/210
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The purpose and effect of the amendment is to make rule 33-602.210 more clearly set forth Department of Correction’s policy, to reorganize it to make it more understandable, to add several definitions to the rule, and to .... 18800266 3/31/2017
Vol. 43/63
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Escort Chair 13310163 Effective: