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Reference Name: General Enrollment Form- 10-12
Agency: 19 State Board of Administration
19 Departmental

Original Document(s):
10/8/2012 Updated enrollment form
Modified Document(s): No Modified document(s).
Description: Updated enrollment form

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For Rules 19-11.002, 19-11.006 and 19-11.007, F.A.C., to adopt revised enrollment forms and second election enrollment forms that will provide additional disclosures concerning the funded status of the FRS Pension Plan, .... 13857728 11/26/2013
Vol. 39/230
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Enrollment Procedures for New Hires 12345692 Effective:
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To amend Rule 19-11.001, F.A.C., to provide that a “distributee” may include a non-spouse beneficiary; that an eligible retirement plan may include a Roth IRA or annuity; and that distributions consisting of after-tax employee .... 12189134 10/24/2012
Vol. 38/57