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Welcome to Florida's premier touring program!
We want to help you bring artists to your community for performances, workshops, classes, and residencies. Dance, theatre, music - it's all here and we'll help you pay for them!

As you read through these instructions, you will learn exactly what to do, what you're eligible for, and what is expected of you. Please be familiar with all of the requirements and information in these guidelines. It saves time and energy when applications are submitted completely and correctly.

Our Guarantee – Quality and Professionalism

Roster artists have been selected through a competitive peer panel review process. The artists selected have extensive touring experience. They will work with you to deliver the best possible touring activities for your venue.

As you view the artists, make sure you go to their websites for additional information, descriptions, and photos. You must work directly with the artist to arrange booking details.

How to Apply in Three Acts

Act One

View the artists on the roster and decide which ones you would like to contact or present at your venue. Discuss the availability of dates, activities, fees, and all other details directly with the artist (or representative).

Act Two

Sign either a letter of intent or a contract with the artist; this should state fees, dates, activities, and all terms between the artist and the presenter. Both parties must sign. The contract must include language that states the performance is dependent on the availability of State funding.

Act Three

Complete and submit the State Touring Program Presenter Application. It must have original signatures. (No faxes!)

Make certain that the project start and end dates are not the actual performance dates. You should allow at least three months between the start and end date so that your payment can be processed. If you write "TBD" as the start and end dates, your payment may be delayed.

The easy two-page application form must be mailed to the Division on or before the deadline date. This form must be accompanied by:

  1. the letter of intent or contract that clearly stipulates fee amount and performance dates and venue
  2. a copy of your IRS tax-exempt letter if you are a non-profit corporation

You must submit one (1) application for each artist you wish to present.

How Do I Obtain Fee Support to Present an Artist?

First, you must be eligible. Any not-for-profit organization or unit of city, county, or state government in Florida can apply for fee support. This includes school boards.

Here it is in official language: Your organization must:

  1. Be a political subdivision of a municipal, county, or state government in Florida; OR
  2. Be incorporated or authorized as a not-for-profit corporation in good standing pursuant to Chapter 617, Florida Statutes, AND also be designated as a tax-exempt organization as defined in sections 501(c)(3) or (4) of the Internal Revenue Service Code.

If You are a School: All applications from school boards or units within a school board must be approved by the Superintendent or designee (often a principal) and must be in the name of the school board rather than the individual school. In other words, the school board itself must be the applicant (presenter) organization.

How Much Fee Support Am I Eligible For?

If you are in an underpopulated county you can request up to 2/3rds (two-thirds) of the artist fee stated on the contract. See the section on underpopulated counties to find out if your county qualifies.

All other applicants may request up to 1/3 (one-third) of the artist fee. The artist fee should be one inclusive figure that accounts for the performance(s) and any residency work.

Funding priority is given to underpopulated counties. See the list of underpopulated counties to find out if your county qualifies. (REDI waivers are not allowed in this program.)

The remaining part of the artist's fee is provided by the presenter and called cash match. These matching funds may be anticipated at the time of application, but must be received by the project end date.

CAREFUL: Presenting organizations cannot receive more than five touring grants support grants, or more than $20,000 in a single grant year.


Presenter's (Applicant) Responsibility to the Artist:
  • Satisfaction of all terms outlined in the contract that you have signed. The Division awards grant funds directly to you, the presenter; we make no payments directly to the artist. Artists should be paid upon completion of the contract activities.
  • You must also take care of publicity, marketing, ticketing, and venue logistics (and anything else stipulated in the contract).
Presenter's (Applicant) Responsibility to the Division:
  • Submit completed application form with accompanying letter of intent or contract.
  • Sign and return award documents and signature authorization forms, as instructed.
  • Submit any changes on the Grant Amendment Form (dates, fees) - wait for approval!
  • Submit a final report no later than 30 days after the end date of your project. Failure to do so will affect the compliance status of your organization and can jeopardize future funding. For each State Touring performance or activity, collect accurate attendance figures, publicity materials, reviews, flyers, etc. to submit with the final report. You will definitely want to include examples of publicity materials that give proper credit to the State.

All publicity for organizations that receive funding from the Division of Cultural Affairs must include the following statement and should be accompanied by the Division logo (available at Division website

"Sponsored in part by the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs, and the Florida Council on Arts and Culture."

Once your application has been approved for funding, you should set up a state touring project file to include all of the paperwork. The State will not release any funding prior to the start date in your award letter. Payments are automatically released but it can take up to 6 weeks for you to receive payment. Plan your start and end dates accordingly to ensure timely payment to the artist!

Let us know if you have questions.

Underpopulated Counties

There are currently 31 Florida counties that qualify as "underpopulated (population of 75,000 or less)." If the performance or activity will take place in one of these counties, you may request up to two-thirds of the artist's fee from the state. (Source: 2010 Census)

Application Deadlines

The 2012 - 2014 Florida Arts on Tour roster has two deadlines:

Application(s) must be postmarked on or before the deadline date. Do not fax!

Applications must be mailed to the Division's office. DO NOT apply for more than one artist per application; separate applications must be completed for each artist. Make sure each application is accompanied by the appropriate letter of intent or contract so that dates and fees can be matched against your request.

If you wish to verify receipt of the application, send it "Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested," or other receipted service. Late applications will not be accepted.

Mail to:
State Touring Program
Department of State
Division of Cultural Affairs
R.A. Gray Building
500 South Bronough Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0250


For information about the State Touring Program, contact:

Dr. Gaylen Phillips, Associate Director of Arts Resources and Services
(850) 245-6482

For general information about the Division of Cultural Affairs and to access grant information and resources, visit our website at:

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