Notice of Declaratory Statement

Florida Real Estate Commission
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT the Florida Real Estate Commission has issued an order disposing of the petition for declaratory statement filed by Management Planning, Inc. on April 02, 2008. The following is a summary of the agency's disposition of the petition:
The Commission considered the Petition at its meeting held on October 14, 2008. The Commission’s Order, filed December 2, 2008, granted the Petition for Declaratory Statement and declared that MPI does not qualify as a “broker” as defined in Section 475.01(1), Florida Statutes, if it conducts valuation studies of businesses and their assets in conjunction with estate and gift tax valuations and corporate valuation activities and does not appraise real estate but relies instead on licensed appraisers to do so and does not in any capacity act as a business broker or participate in or procure the sale of real estate.
A copy of the Order Disposing of the Petition for Declaratory Statement may be obtained by contacting: Lori Crawford, Deputy Clerk, Division of Real Estate, 400 West Robinson Street, Suite N801, Orlando, FL 32801.